Mortgage Loan Collateral definition

Mortgage Loan Collateral means the “Collateral” as defined in the Mortgage Loan Agreement.
Mortgage Loan Collateral. All of the Issuer’s right, title and interest in, to and under each of the following items of property, whether now owned or hereafter acquired, now existing or hereafter created and wherever located:

Examples of Mortgage Loan Collateral in a sentence

  • Unless released in writing by the Administrative Agent as herein provided, the security interest in favor of the Administrative Agent for the benefit of the holders of the Obligations, in all Mortgage Loan Collateral transmitted pursuant to Section 3.3(b) shall continue in effect until such time as payment in full of the amount described in Section 3.3(b)(iii) shall have been received.

  • Upon delivery of an Assignment to the Collateral Agent, the Administrative Agent will have a valid, enforceable, perfected and first-priority Lien, for the benefit of the holders of the Obligations, in all Mortgage Loan Collateral described in or delivered with such Assignment.

  • The Operating Lease provides, among other things, that all Revenues shall be collaterally assigned by Operating Company to Mortgage Borrower as additional security for Operating Company’s obligations under the Operating Lease and that Mortgage Borrower shall collaterally assign and pledge all of its interest in such Revenues to Mortgage Loan Collateral Agent (for the benefit of Mortgage Lender) as additional security for the Mortgage Loan.

  • In case of satisfaction of the application of the Pledger on the independent implementation of the Mortgage Loan Collateral, filed in the manner prescribed by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Mortgage of Real Estate”, suspend measures against the Borrower and the Pledger provided for in paragraphs 2 and 2-1 of Article 36 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan On banks and banking activities in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • So long as no Default or Event of Default is continuing, the Borrower or the Servicer (on behalf of the Borrower) may from time to time submit a Shipping Request that would permit a sale of Mortgage Loan Collateral to, or the pooling of Mortgage Loan Collateral for, an Approved Investor, pursuant to a Take-Out Commitment.

More Definitions of Mortgage Loan Collateral

Mortgage Loan Collateral has the meaning set forth in the Guaranty.
Mortgage Loan Collateral means, collectively, (i) each Mortgage Loan; (ii) all right, title and interest of the applicable Borrower Entity in, to and under any policy of insurance, including, without limitation, all fire and extended coverage insurance policies, payable by reason of loss or damage to a Mortgage Loan and any other Collateral; (iii) the related Mortgage Loan Documents, including, without limitation, the Mortgage Notes; (iv) all other claims and causes of action which the applicable Borrower Entity now has or may in the future acquire in its capacity as owner of such Mortgage Loan; (v) all “accounts”, “deposit accounts”, “general intangibles”, “instruments”, “securities”, “investment property” and “supporting obligations” (in each case as defined in the Uniform Commercial Code) constituting or relating to the foregoing; (vi) all books and records related to the foregoing; and (vii) all Proceeds of any of the foregoing (including, without limitation, any proceeds of insurance thereon).
Mortgage Loan Collateral means with respect to each Mortgage Loan, the real property, improvements, fixtures, personalty, insurance policies, accounts, escrows and any other collateral pledged by the Mortgage Loan Obligor (and, if applicable, by any guarantor of such Mortgage Loan) to Borrower as security for such Mortgage Loan (or applicable guaranty) pursuant to the applicable Mortgage and other Mortgage Loan Collateral Documents. Mortgage Loan Collateral shall not include Excluded Collateral.
Mortgage Loan Collateral means the real property and all improvements thereon securing a Mortgage Loan.
Mortgage Loan Collateral means the “Collateral” and the “JV Collateral”, each, as defined in the Mortgage Loan Agreement.
Mortgage Loan Collateral and "Mortgage Loan Documents" were to mean and refer to such senior loan, the collateral therefor and the documents evidencing and securing the same).