Definition of Tenant Property

Tenant Property means (a) the Permitted Capital Improvements and Additional Lines which Landlord does not purchase and which, accordingly, do not become a part of the Leased Property during the Term as provided in Section 10.1, and (b) the other real and personal property now or hereafter owned or used by Tenant or its Affiliates upstream or downstream of the Liquids Transportation System in connection with operation of the Leased Property by Tenant or its Affiliates or in connection with Tenant Other Activities.
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Examples of Tenant Property in a sentence

Tenant shall be required to deliver to Landlord an updated Tenant Property Schedule upon the commencement of each Lease Year and in connection with any change or replacement of Agent Bank.
Upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, Landlord may exercise all rights and remedies under this Lease and the laws of the state where the Facility is located that are available to a lessor of real and personal property in the event of a default by its lessee, and as to the Tenant Property, all remedies granted under the laws of such state(s) to a secured party under its Uniform Commercial Code.
Tenant shall use its best efforts to have Tenant Property taxed separately from the Property.
Tenant shall pay directly all taxes charged against Tenant Property (as defined in Section 10.06).
Tenant has delivered to Landlord a schedule of all lenders, purchase money equipment financiers, equipment lessors, and other parties who, other than Tenant, have any liens, security interests, ownership interests, or other similar interests in and to any Tenant Personal Property with a value of or exceeding One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) (the Tenant Property Schedule).