Subject Property definition

Subject Property means any premises located in the County on which an energy efficiency improvements, water efficiency improvements, or renewable resource applications are being or have been made and financed through an outstanding PACE loan.
Subject Property means the real property, if any, for which Grant Funds are used to acquire, construct, or rehabilitate.
Subject Property means the eligible property or the eligible vacant block in respect of which an application for concessional duty under this instrument is made.

Examples of Subject Property in a sentence

  • The Participating Lender is responsible for performing a thorough inquiry to determine whether both the Mortgagor and the Subject Property meet Program requirements.

  • Within the first planting season following the release of the first Sediment and Erosion Control Permit from the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services for the Subject Property, or as directed by the M-NCPPC Forest Conservation Inspection Staff, the Applicant must install the variance tree mitigation plantings on the Subject Property as shown on the approved FCP.

  • IHCDA Online will show a date that the loan expires, which is known as the Commitment Expiration Date (sixty (60) days after the date of reservation on any Subject Property).

  • If Federal Recapture Tax is owed, it is computed and paid to the IRS for the tax year in which the Subject Property is sold.

  • The Participating Lender must have sold the First Mortgage of the Subject Property to the Master Servicer and purchased by IHCDA on or before the Commitment Expiration Date, as shown in IHCDA Online.

More Definitions of Subject Property

Subject Property and “Collateral” means all and any part of the Subject Property and Collateral, respectively, and any interest in the Subject Property and Collateral, respectively.
Subject Property as defined in Section 5.02(a).
Subject Property shall have the meaning specified in the definition of Sale and Lease-Back Transaction.
Subject Property means property used for the
Subject Property has the meaning assigned to it in Section 7.3.
Subject Property means any property on which energy-efficiency improvements have been made and financed through an outstanding PACE loan.
Subject Property means property for which a