Grace Period Sample Clauses

Grace Period. With respect to each Mortgage Loan, the related Mortgage, Mortgage Note or loan agreement provides a grace period for delinquent monthly payments no longer than fifteen (15) days from the applicable Due Date or five (5) days from notice to the related Mortgagor of the default.
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Grace Period. Contractor acknowledges and agrees that applicable laws, rules and regulations, including the Xxxx-Xxxxx Act and Insurance Code, set a grace period with respect to the delinquent payment of premiums for the small group market.
Grace Period. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Article contained, Landlord agrees not to take any action to terminate this Lease (a) for default by Tenant in the payment when due of Rent, if Tenant shall cure such default within ten (10) days after written notice thereof given by Landlord to Tenant, or (b) for default by Tenant in the performance of any other covenant, if Tenant shall cure such default within a period of thirty (30) days after written notice thereof given by Landlord to Tenant (except where the nature of the default is such that remedial action should reasonably and appropriately take place sooner, as indicated in such written notice), or with respect to covenants other than to pay a sum of money within such additional period as may reasonably be required to cure such default if (because of governmental restrictions or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of Tenant) the default is of such a nature that it cannot be cured within such thirty (30)-day period, provided, however, (1) that there shall be no extension of time beyond such thirty (30)-day period for the curing of any such default unless, not more than ten (10) days after the receipt of the notice of default, Tenant in writing (i) shall specify the cause on account of which the default cannot be cured during such period and shall advise Landlord of its intention duly to institute all steps necessary to cure the default and (ii) shall as soon as may be reasonable duly institute and thereafter diligently prosecute to completion all steps necessary to cure such default and, (2) that no notice of the opportunity to cure a default need be given, and no grace period whatsoever shall be allowed to Tenant, if the default is incurable or if the covenant or condition the breach of which gave rise to the default had, by reason of a breach on a prior occasion, been the subject of a notice hereunder to cure such default.
Grace Period. If premium payment is not received by the due date, the insurer will allow a grace period of thirty (30) days from the due date for the premium to be paid. If the premium is not received by the insurer prior to the end of the grace period, this policy and all of its benefits will be deemed terminated as of the original due date of the premium. Benefits are not provided under the policy during the grace period.
Grace Period. Notwithstanding anything hereinabove stated, neither party will exercise any available right because of any default of the other, except those remedies contained in subsection (b)(i) of this Section, unless such party shall have first given 10 days written notice thereof to the defaulting party, and the defaulting party shall have failed to cure the default within such period; provided, however, that:
Grace Period. The Grace Period is the period of time immediately following the date the Premium payment is due, during which your Premiums may be paid without penalty, and coverage under this Contract will remain in effect.
Grace Period. The period of time of thirty (30) days after the policy due date during which the Insurer will allow the policy to be renewed.
Grace Period. Unless and until Landlord has received notice from each Leasehold Mortgagee that the Leasehold Mortgagee elects not to demand a new lease as provided in Section 25, or until the period therefore has expired, Landlord shall not cancel or agree to the termination or surrender of any existing subleases nor enter into any new leases or subleases with respect to the Premises without the prior written consent of each Leasehold Mortgagee.
Grace Period. The Grace Period begins on the date the Premium payment is due, and ends at 12:00 a.m. (midnight) on the 20th day immediately following the Premium due date. If any required Premium payment is not received by us on or before the date it is due, it may be paid during the Grace Period.
Grace Period. A grace period of thirty-one (31) days will be granted for the payment of each premium falling due after the first premium, and unless outstanding premium is paid within the grace period and unless the Policy has not otherwise been cancelled earlier in accordance with the provisions of this Policy, the Policy shall be deemed cancelled as from the due date for the payment of the outstanding premium. No grace period shall be granted for the payment of the first premium and failure to effect payment thereof according to the Company's demand shall render this Policy void from inception.