Lessee definition

Lessee means a person who acquires the right to possession and use of goods under a lease. Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the term includes a sublessee.
Lessee means each Person that is a lessee under a Lease, including any Person that executes a guarantee on behalf of such lessee; provided that such definition shall refer only to Lessees of Leases allocated to the 2019-B SUBI.
Lessee means, with respect to any Lease, the Obligor with respect to such Lease.

Examples of Lessee in a sentence

Prior to commencement of the Lease term, Lessee shall provide the City with proof of the insurance required by this Section 10.

Upon Lessee's exercise of the Option, Lessor shall lease, and hereby leases, to Lessee approximately two thousand one hundred ( 2100) square feet of space as depicted in Exhibit A attached hereto, together with the easements referred to therein or depicted thereon (collectively, the "Leased Space") within the property commonly known as 185 Academy Road, Cheshire, CT 06410, with the legal description set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto ("Premises").

Lessor, Lessee, and Agent agree and acknowledge that Diamond Towers IV LLC erroneously signed the Second Amendment as Lessee.

Lessee warrants that its use of the Premises will not interfere with existing radio frequency user(s) on the Property so disclosed by Lessor, as long as those existing radio frequency user(s) operate and continue to operate within their respective frequencies and in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Lessee shall provide Lessor a summary report listing the Collocator on the Leased Property and the Collocator's payment of Bonus Amount.

More Definitions of Lessee

Lessee s Address” means:
Lessee means a licensed Owner whose interest in a horse is by virtue of a completed Commission-approved lease form attached to the Registration Certificate and on file with the Commission.
Lessee means, with regard to Host REIT’s taxable years ended prior to January 1, 2001, any one of the Crestline Lessees or IHP Lessee LLC, and with regard to Host REIT’s taxable periods beginning on or after January 1, 2001, any one of the TRS Lessees, IHP Lessee LLC prior to the IHP Lease Acquisition, the Crestline Lessees owning leasehold interests (as lessee or sub-lessee) that were not acquired by HMT Lessee pursuant to the Lease Acquisition, and any other lessee to which Host LP or a Subsidiary REIT, directly or through a Partnership Subsidiary, leases one or more Hotels or other leased Real Property in the future.
Lessee means, with respect to each Lease, the lessee thereunder.
Lessee means any person or organization obtaining the use of a rental motor vehicle from a lessor under the terms of a rental agreement.
Lessee means the Contractor to whom a Lease is issued under the Rules for the purpose of carrying out Petroleum Operations in a Development Area or Contract Area.
Lessee means each Person that is a lessee under a Lease, including any Person that executes a guarantee on behalf of such lessee.