Condominium Property definition

Condominium Property means the lands, leaseholds, and personal property that are subjected to condominium ownership, whether or not contiguous, and all improvements thereon and all easements and rights appurtenant thereto intended for use in connection with the condominium.
Condominium Property means all real and personal property submitted to the provisions of this chapter, including land, the buildings, improvements, and structures on that land, the land under a water slip, the buildings, improvements, and structures that form or that are utilized in connection with that water slip, and all easements, rights, and appurtenances belonging to the land or to the land under a water slip.
Condominium Property means a Multifamily Property that has been converted into residential condominium units for the purpose of sale. For purposes of this definition and the definition ofCondominium Property Value” a Multifamily Property will be deemed “converted” into residential condominium units once both of the following have occurred: (a) notice of the conversion has been sent to the tenants of such Property; and (b) a declaration of condominium or other similar document is filed with the applicable Governmental Authority.

Examples of Condominium Property in a sentence

  • This Act seeks to educate 11 unit owners, condominium associations, common interest 12 community associations, boards of managers, and boards of 13 directors about the Condominium Property Act and the Common 14 Interest Community Association Act.

  • If any pet causes a disturbance or becomes a nuisance, the pet owner shall be required to permanently remove such pet from the Condominium Property within three (3) days of receipt of written notice by the Association.

  • The owner of any pet shall be liable for all damage caused by such pet, or for injury to any person on the Condominium Property or Association Property.

More Definitions of Condominium Property

Condominium Property means each such Property.
Condominium Property means property as defined in subsection 1 (1) of the Condominium Act, 1998; (“propriété condominiale”)
Condominium Property means the real and personal property subjected to condominium ownership by the terms of this Declaration, all improvements thereon, and all easements and rights appurtenant thereto intended for use in connection with the Condominium.
Condominium Property means the land covered by the master deed, whether or not contiguous and all improvements thereon, all owned either in fee simple or under lease, and all easements, rights and appurtenances belonging thereto or intended for the benefit thereof.
Condominium Property means the land and property interests subjected to condominium ownership under this Declaration, all improvements on the land as depicted in the original Surveyor’s Plat, or replacement thereof of like kind and quality, and alterations or additions made to the Common Elements or Association Property by the Association and all easements and rights appurtenant thereto intended for use in connection with the Condominium. Additions or alterations made to the Units or Common Elements by Unit Owners (or their predecessors in title) are not part of the Condominium Property. References in the Condominium Documents to Condominium Property includes Association Property, unless specifically indicated otherwise.
Condominium Property means and includes the land, together with all buildings, improvements and structures thereon, all easements, rights and appurtenances belonging thereto, and all articles of personal property which have been submitted in accordance with Ohio R.C. Ch. 5311. (Ord. 1987-125. Passed 11-16-87.)