Liquids Transportation System definition

Liquids Transportation System. (a) means, generally, the system of pipelines, storage tanks, collection and separation facilities, salt water disposal xxxxx and facilities, and related properties, facilities, equipment and rights, as highlighted or otherwise identified on Exhibit F, as such system exists as of the Effective Date and as it may be subsequently modified as permitted by this Lease, that is capable of (i) transporting, collecting, separating, storing, and delivering for sale or transport oil produced from oil xxxxx located in the Gulf of Mexico, and (ii) transporting, collecting, separating, and disposing of salt water associated with the production of such oil, and (b) includes, specifically, the Land, the Right of Use Agreements, and the Improvements. The Liquids Transportation System begins at the inlet flange to each pipeline pig launcher trap on oil platforms GI 22L, ST 54G, WD 73A, WD 30J, MC 268A, MC 397A, SP 93A, and MC 280A in the Gulf of Mexico, extends through an interconnected system of pipelines and subsea tie-in valves to the collection, separation equipment, storage tanks, disposal xxxxx, and pipelines located at the Grand Isle terminal facility on the Land, and includes the pipeline from such terminal facility to the interconnection point under the Interconnection Agreement, dated December 17, 2010, with ExxonMobil Pipeline Company (as such agreement may be amended or replaced from time to time).
Liquids Transportation System. (as defined in the GIGS Purchase Agreement), and the personal property, interconnection agreements and county and state permits relating thereto, to be acquired by Grand Isle Corridor from Energy XXI USA, Inc. pursuant to the GIGS Purchase Agreement. GIGS Lease. That certain Lease dated June 30, 2015 between Grand Isle Corridor, as landlord, and Energy XXI GIGS Services, LLC, as tenant. GIGS Mortgage. That certain Deed of Trust, Mortgage, Assignment, Security Agreement, Fixture Filing and Financing Statement dated as of the Closing Date by Grand Isle Corridor in favor of Agent for the benefit of Lenders granting liens on and security interests in GIGS to secure the Obligations. GIGS Purchase Agreement. That certain Purchase and Sale Agreement dated as of June 22, 2015 between Energy XXI USA, Inc., as seller, and Grand Isle Corridor, as buyer. Governmental Authority. Any international, foreign, federal, state, county or municipal government, or political subdivision thereof; any governmental, quasi-governmental or regulatory agency, authority, board, bureau, commission, department, instrumentality or public body; or any court or administrative tribunal. Grand Isle Corridor. Grand Isle Corridor, LP, a Delaware limited partnership and a wholly-owned Subsidiary of Borrower, and its successors and assigns. Guaranteed Pension Plan. Any employee pension benefit plan within the meaning of §3(2) of ERISA maintained or contributed to by Borrower or any ERISA Affiliate the benefits of which are guaranteed on termination in full or in part by the PBGC pursuant to Title IV of ERISA, other than a Multiemployer Plan.

Examples of Liquids Transportation System in a sentence

  • Landlord authorizes Tenant to enforce any no trespass actions regarding any portion of the Liquids Transportation System, including the LTS Land, and to initiate any proceedings to remove any third parties from the Easement Land (to the extent allowable under the applicable Right of Use Agreements) which Tenant, in Tenant’s reasonable business judgment, deems necessary or appropriate for Tenant’s continued quiet enjoyment of the Leased Property.

  • Tenant may amend any Interconnection Agreement as it deems necessary or advisable in connection with the operation and use of the Liquids Transportation System, but Tenant shall promptly provide a copy of any such amendment to Landlord, and any such amendment that would reasonably be expected to increase Landlord’s obligations thereunder shall require Landlord’s consent (not to be unreasonably withheld).

  • Seller’s computer hardware and some monitoring equipment used in the operation of the Liquids Transportation System are also used by Seller for other assets of Seller that are not the subject of this Agreement.

  • The rates for transportation service via the Liquids Transportation System are not regulated by any Governmental Authority.

  • The Assets constitute all of the property, assets, and rights that are necessary for the operation of the Liquids Transportation System in the same manner as operated prior to the Closing.

  • The following Exhibits are attached to and hereby incorporated into this Agreement: Exhibit A – Improvements Exhibit B – Liquids Transportation System Exhibit C – LTS Land Exhibit D – Right of Use Agreements Exhibit E -- Services If there is a conflict between any Exhibit and any provision of the main body of this Agreement, the provision of the main body of this Agreement shall prevail.

  • In connection with any on-site inspections, Buyer (x) agrees not to unreasonably interfere with the normal operation of the Liquids Transportation System and Personal Property, (y) agrees to comply with Seller’s reasonable rules governing matters of health, safety and security, and (z) represents that it is adequately insured.

  • Schedule 7.20 lists (a) all capital expenditures in excess of $100,000 made in respect of the Liquids Transportation System since January 1, 2011, including the amount thereof, and (b) all capital expenditures in excess of $100,000 that Seller or its Affiliates currently plans to make or commence in respect of the Liquids Transportation System on or before December 31, 2017.

  • For greater certainty, the standard of care set forth in this Article III shall not obligate Services Provider to change or improve the Services from those performed with respect to the Liquids Transportation System during the period prior to the Effective Date.

  • Neither Seller nor any of its Affiliates is a party to, bound by, or negotiating any collective bargaining agreement with any union or other labor organization covering personnel responsible for operating and maintaining the Liquids Transportation System, and to Seller’s Knowledge no union or labor organization is seeking or, since January 1, 2011, has sought to organize such personnel for the purpose of collective bargaining.

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