Definition of Tenant's Personal Property

Tenant's Personal Property shall mean all motor vehicles and consumable inventory and supplies, furniture, furnishings, equipment, movable walls and partitions, equipment and machinery and all other tangible personal property of Tenant acquired by Tenant before, on or after the Commencement Date and located at the Leased Property or used in Tenants business at the Leased Property and all modifications, replacements, alterations and additions to such personal property installed at the expense of Tenant, other than any items included within the definition of Fixtures.
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Tenant's Personal Property means as specified in Clause 24(P).
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Examples of Tenant's Personal Property in a sentence

All insurance proceeds payable by reason of any loss of or damage to any of Tenants Personal Property shall be paid to Tenant and, to the extent necessary to repair or replace Tenants Personal Property in accordance with Section 10.5, Tenant shall hold such proceeds in trust to pay the cost of repairing or replacing damaged Tenants Personal Property.
Tenant shall provide and maintain (or cause to be provided and maintained) throughout the Term all such Tenants Personal Property as shall be necessary in order to operate in compliance with applicable material Legal Requirements and Insurance Requirements and otherwise in accordance with customary practice in the industry for the Permitted Use.
If Tenant is required to restore any Property as hereinabove provided, Tenant shall either (a) restore all alterations and improvements made by Tenant and Tenants Personal Property, or (b) replace such alterations and improvements and Tenants Personal Property with improvements or items of the same or better quality and utility in the operation of such Property.
Tenant shall not, and shall not permit any Person to use or suffer or permit the use of any Property or Tenants Personal Property, if any, for any unlawful purpose.
Any portion of the Award made for the taking of Tenants leasehold interest in the Leased Property, loss of business during the remainder of the Term, the taking of Tenants Personal Property, the taking of Capital Additions paid for by Tenant and Tenants removal and relocation expenses shall be the sole property of and payable to Tenant (subject to the provisions of Section 11.2).