Definition of Tenant Parties

Tenant Parties means Tenant's contractors, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, invitees and licensees.
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Tenant Parties means Company, GEN and their respective direct and indirect wholly owned subsidiaries (including any subsidiary wholly owned collectively by Company, GEN or any of their respective direct or indirect wholly owned subsidiaries).

Examples of Tenant Parties in a sentence

For the purposes of this Lease, the term Tenant Party or Tenant Parties shall mean Tenant, any affiliate of Tenant, any permitted subtenant or any other permitted occupant of the Premises, and each of their respective direct or indirect partners, officers, shareholders, directors, members, trustees, beneficiaries, servants, employees, principals, contractors, licensees, agents, invitees or representatives.
Tenant acknowledges that any security or safety measures employed by Landlord are for the protection of Landlords own interests; that Landlord is not a guarantor of the security or safety of the Tenant Parties or their property; and that such security and safety matters are the responsibility of Tenant and the local law enforcement authorities.
Except as otherwise provided in Section 15, and subject to Tenants obligations in Section 10.1 above, such damage or defective condition shall be remedied by Landlord with reasonable diligence, but, subject to Section 14.5 below, if such damage or defective condition was caused by any of the Tenant Parties, the cost to remedy the same shall be paid by Tenant.
Tenant hereby waives all claims against all Landlord Parties for consequential, special or punitive damages allegedly suffered by any Tenant Parties, including lost profits and business interruption.
Landlord and Tenant hereby represent and warrant that their respective all risk property insurance policies include a waiver of (i) subrogation by the insurers, and (ii) all rights based upon an assignment from its insured, against Landlord and/or any of the Landlord Parties or Tenant and/or any of the Tenant Parties (as the case may be) in connection with any property loss risk thereby insured against.