Leased Premises definition

Leased Premises means the Leased Premises as defined in Paragraph 1.
Leased Premises means the real property described in the Exhibit "A" attached to this Agreement, together with all Improvements, equipment and fixtures thereon.
Leased Premises shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(k).

Examples of Leased Premises in a sentence

  • Nothing in this Lease shall prevent the Government from creating additional third party easements, licenses, permits or other interests affecting the Leased Premises to meet its own or other public requirements.

  • The Leased Premises is not behind a security fence/gate that would restrict or limit access.

  • The Government shall have the right to enter the Leased Premises at any time during business hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday) upon at least twenty-four (24) hours advance written notice to Lessee, and shall be accompanied by a representative of Lessee which shall be made available by Lessee on the date and time Government has requested in its written notice required hereunder.

  • The sole purposes for which the Leased Premises may be used, in the absence of prior written approval of the Government for any other use, is to support and advance activities associated with the Project as described in Recital R-3.

  • Lessee’s leasehold interest shall be subject to all existing ground or master leases, non-terminable easements, licenses, permits (if to federal entities) and other interests of third parties affecting the Leased Premises while those are in effect, whether of public record or not (collectively, “Third Party Property Interests”).

More Definitions of Leased Premises

Leased Premises means the natural surface and the land below the natural surface to depth of 30 metres of the land described in the First Schedule together with all structures buildings improvements and appurtenances now or hereafter thereon other than works of a public nature;
Leased Premises has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).
Leased Premises shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.22(a) hereof.
Leased Premises means, collectively, the Land, the Improvements and the Equipment, together with any and all other property and interest in property conveyed to Landlord pursuant to the deeds, bills of sale or other documents executed in connection with the purchase of the Land, the Improvements and the Equipment by Landlord.
Leased Premises means each premises which the Corporation or any Subsidiary occupies as tenant;
Leased Premises. All the interior space within the Building, including stairwells, connecting walkways, and atriums, consisting of approximately 60,480 square feet and, for purposes of this Lease, agreed to contain said number of square feet.