Leased Premises definition

Leased Premises means the Leased Premises as defined in Paragraph 1.
Leased Premises means the real property described in the Exhibit "A" attached to this Agreement, together with all Improvements, equipment and fixtures thereon.
Leased Premises shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.1(k).

Examples of Leased Premises in a sentence

  • To the extent required by the Senior Mortgage, any casualty and hazard insurance proceeds in respect of the Leased Premises shall be paid to the Mortgagee thereunder.

  • The piling and storage of crates, boxes, barrels, containers, refuse, and surplus property is not permitted upon the Leased Premises.

  • No portion of the Leased Premises shall be used for a purpose which, in the opinion of Lessor, may interfere with the proper use of the airport by others or which constitutes a nuisance or which violates written rules, regulations and policies of the Lessor or other competent authority or agency having jurisdiction.

  • In further consideration of the rent, covenants and conditions to be paid, performed and observed by Lessee, and Lessor agrees and shall reserve to Lessee the option to renew the Lease for the Leased Premises after the expiration of the final automatic Renewal Term provided for in paragraph 3, upon such terms and conditions as agreed upon between the parties hereto, and said option shall otherwise be subject to the terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease.

  • Should this Lease be terminated, canceled or forfeited due to breach by Lessee, the Lessee shall peaceably give up to Lessor the Leased Premises in as good condition as at the beginning of the term hereof, reasonable use and wear thereof and damage by the elements excepted.

More Definitions of Leased Premises

Leased Premises has the meaning set forth in Section 2.4(a).
Leased Premises means the natural surface and the land below the natural surface to depth of 30 metres of the land described in the First Schedule together with all structures buildings improvements and appurtenances now or hereafter thereon other than works of a public nature;
Leased Premises means an area forming part of the Property, assigned to the LESSEE for its exclusive use under this Contract, per Lease Schedule.
Leased Premises shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.22(a) hereof.
Leased Premises means the premises which are material to the Company or any Subsidiary, and which the Company or any Subsidiary occupies as a tenant;
Leased Premises means, collectively, the Land, the Improvements and the Equipment, together with any and all other property and interest in property conveyed to Landlord pursuant to the deeds, bills of sale or other documents executed in connection with the purchase of the Land, the Improvements and the Equipment by Landlord.
Leased Premises. All the interior space within the Building, including stairwells, connecting walkways, and atriums, to consist of approximately rentable 122,435 square feet and, for purposes of this Lease, agreed to contain said number of square feet.