Definition of Tenant Party

Tenant Party means any of Tenant, any Tenant Affiliate, any subtenant, assignee or
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Tenant Party means (i) any principal (which shall include any shareholder, partner, member or other owner, direct or indirect, disclosed or undisclosed) of Tenant, or any director, officer, employee, agent or contractor of Tenant (or of any principal of Tenant), or (ii) any ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Subtenant or other person claiming by, through or under Tenant (directly or indirectly), or any principal, director, officer, employee, agent or contractor of such Subtenant or such other person.
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Examples of Tenant Party in a sentence

In connection with such testing, upon the request of Landlord, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord or its consultant such non-proprietary information concerning the use of Hazardous Materials in or about the Premises by Tenant or any Tenant Party.
As defined in Environmental Requirements, Tenant is and shall be deemed to be the operator of Tenants facility and the owner of all Hazardous Materials brought on the Premises by Tenant or any Tenant Party, and the wastes, by-products, or residues generated, resulting, or produced therefrom.
Tenant shall not cause or permit any Hazardous Materials (as hereinafter defined) to be brought upon, kept, used, stored, handled, treated, generated in or about, or released or disposed of from, the Premises or the Project in violation of applicable Environmental Requirements (as hereinafter defined) by Tenant or any Tenant Party.
Subject to Sections 17 and 18, Tenant shall bear the full uninsured cost of any repair or replacement to any part of the Project that results from damage caused by Tenant or any Tenant Party and any repair that benefits only the Premises.
Tenant shall be responsible for the compliance with such rules and regulations by each Tenant Party.