Progress Schedule definition

Progress Schedule means a schedule of the Work, in a form satisfactory to Owner, as further set forth in Section 3.02.
Progress Schedule means the Progress Schedule established by the CONTRACTOR and approved by the Engineer-in-Charge for completion of the work(s) within the time schedule in accordance with the provisions hereof and failing such Progress Schedule, shall mean the Progress Schedule established by the Engineer-in-Charge in accordance with the provisions hereof.
Progress Schedule means a version of the schedule for the Work provided by the Contractor subsequent to the Guaranteed Project Schedule, pursuant to the requirements of the Contract related to issues such as time extensions, claims, payments, tardiness and recovery.

Examples of Progress Schedule in a sentence

  • Contractor shall indicate the expected duration of the delay, the anticipated effect of the delay on the Progress Schedule, and the action being or to be taken to correct the problem.

  • Submit an updated construction schedule with each Application for Payment as described in Section 01 3216 entitled Progress Schedule or Section 01 3127 entitled Network Analysis Schedules.

  • Submission of lists of Subcontractors, Products, Schedule of Values, and Progress Schedule.

  • If in the opinion of the Owner, the Contractor falls behind the Progress Schedule, the Contractor shall take such steps as may be necessary to improve the progress and the Owner may require them to increase the number of shifts, and/or overtime operations, days of work including holidays, Saturdays and Sundays, all without additional costs to the Owner.

  • Contractor shall be responsible for showing clearly on the Progress Schedule that the change or event: had a specific impact on the critical path, and except in case of concurrent delay, was the sole cause of such impact; and could not have been avoided by resequencing of the Work or other reasonable alternatives.

More Definitions of Progress Schedule

Progress Schedule means the updated Project Schedule which is revised monthly showing actual times of completion for various portions of the Work and includes revised completion dates for uncompleted Work, as well as reflecting Change Order work, revisions and modifications to the Work.
Progress Schedule means the time schedule of progress of work.
Progress Schedule has the meaning given in the Works Coordination Agreement.
Progress Schedule. As set forth in Exhibit B-1 hereto.
Progress Schedule. Means Any schedule issued or approved by the Owner for the performance of the Work, including, without limitation, Project or Work milestones, deadlines, or delivery dates. “Project” Means As defined in Part I, Section 3.1. “Project Safety Program” Means A safety program established at the Project Site initiated and supervised by the OR. “Project Safety Representative” Means As described in Part V.A, Section 2.9 “Project Schedule” Means The Owner’s schedule and milestones for the entire Project. “Project Site” Means As identified in Part I, Section 3.2. “Protest Work” Means As described in Part II, Section 5.5. “RAP” Means Remedial Action Plans. “RE” Means Resident Engineer. “RE’s Principal” Means The individual for whom the Owner has contracted to act as the principal representative of the RE for the Project, as identified in Part I, Section 5.1.3. “Reporting Period” Means The one (1) month period commencing on the Commencement Date and each month thereafter during the term of the Contract, for which period the Construction Manager or the RE shall report to the Owner on the status of the Project.
Progress Schedule means the schedule that establishes completion dates for activities required in the contract documents, and interim completion dates, including revisions and updates to that schedule.