Payment to the Contractor Sample Clauses

Payment to the Contractor. Subject to Paragraphs 5.4 to 5.6 and 5.8 and additional deductions, if any, specified in this Agreement, for all of the following performed and completed by the Contractor in accordance with this Agreement:
Payment to the Contractor. The Contractor shall raise bills on completion of every month in 2 sets, which should be duly certified by the BHEL’s official at the Guest House and the payment shall be made within 30 days from the date of submission of complete bill with supporting documents. As the Company follows Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) method only, the bidders should fill the attached EFT format and enclose it with the technical bid.
Payment to the Contractor. 8.1 The Contract Sum The Contract Sum is:1 ................................................................................................... ................................................................................. pounds (£ )
Payment to the Contractor. Compensation for the described services will be by warrant of the Seattle Public Schools after receipt of services. State Law RCW 42.24.080 forbids prepayment of services. The Contractor must submit an invoice to the originating school or department. The originator must then attach a completed Certification of Services Rendered form to the invoice and submit both to the Accounting Department for payment. The warrant will be issued through the Accounting Department.
Payment to the Contractor i. Normally, the periodicity of payment to the contractor shall be on a calendar month basis. The Contractor shall raise the bill for payment as per the contractual terms & conditions mentioned in the contract, which should be duly certified by the BHEL official in charge of the contract work. In certain cases due to direct association of work with customer project, payment is made after completion of work. In such cases same will be specified in the NIT/enquiry and the agreement entered into post award of job. The Contractor shall raise the bill for payment as per the contractual terms and conditions mentioned in the contract, duly supported by attendance sheet for all the contract labors capturing therein for each of the Contract labour total time engaged during each day on the job and the same to be duly certified by the BHEL official in charge of the contracted work. Contract is to be expressed both in terms of required categories of labour and number of labors against each category to ensure that the contractor discharges all the contractual and statutory obligations in respect of labors engaged on the job. At the same time required output in terms of units, tonnage etc. is also to be stated to correlate achieved output vis-à-vis desired output. Following conditions shall be adhered strict during the contract period: a. In case there is fall in the achieved output vis-à-vis desired output, contractor is to be warned in two spells. b. If the unsatisfactory performance repeats, contract is liable to be short closed. Signature of the contractor
Payment to the Contractor. The Contractor shall notify the Engineer if it considers that any Works or part of the Works and/or any Deliverables for which sums are payable in accordance with the Schedule of Payments have been completed or provided in accordance with the Contract, with supporting documents. The Engineer shall, within fourteen
Payment to the Contractor. Contractors are required to be registered in the Washington Statewide Vendor Payee system, prior to submitting a request for payment under this Contract. Purchasers who are Washington state agencies require registration to be completed prior to payment. The Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) maintains a central contractor registration file for Washington State agencies to process contractor payments. To obtain registration materials go to xxxx:// and submit your form as instructed.
Payment to the Contractor. Progress payments to the Contractor shall be made within 30 days of a fully executed Pay Estimate and upon the Contractor’s and subcontractor’s full compliance with all contractual requirements. For projects greater than $35,000 a sum equal to 5% may be reserved and retained from monies earned by the Contractor in accordance with Chapter 60.28
Payment to the Contractor. 18.1 Payment to the Contractor will be made after the issue of an Architect’s certificate based on the amount of work completed to date. A retention of 5% will be held from the value of each payment certificate up to a maximum of 3% of the contract sum. Such retention money will be released at the end of the warranty period provided that all works and repairs have been executed to the satisfaction of the Employer.