Implementation Schedule definition

Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule in Section VII of the tendering documents.
Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule Sub-section of the Technical Requirements.
Implementation Schedule means the schedule which identifies the various tasks and responsibilities of the Parties as set forth in the Terms of Reference.

Examples of Implementation Schedule in a sentence

  • Implementation Schedule: Statutory and Federal Authority: Section 12-47.1-1201 (5) (a) (I) (C), C.R.S. (2010) The use of a portion of the statehistorical fund for the support needs of the state historical society is consistent with the preservation purposes of the fund and of the society.

  • Resettlement Action Plan Implementation Schedule of land acquisition proceduresMonth(s)*Appointment of specialist responsible for detail plan of condemnation development.

  • The survey was conducted according the following schedule: Table 7-10: Implementation Schedule by Activities in Mersin GM ActivityScheduleResult(from May 10th to June 9th)Separate waste at source by residents of GSHCFrom May 10 to June 9, 1999SatisfactorySeparate collection by private contractors of YDMFrom May 11 to June 10, 1999Well carried out according the planned schedule Figure 7-12 shows the outline for the implementation of experiment on separate collection.

  • Gujarat State Highway Project for GSHP-II Roads & Buildings Department, GoG Table 7.5: RAP Implementation Schedule DPR: Atkot - Gondal 7-18.

  • Implementation Schedule: The project consists of three stages of work, commencing in June 2005 and ending December 2007.

More Definitions of Implementation Schedule

Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule Chapter of the Technical Requirements.
Implementation Schedule means the Implementation Schedule documented in the Agreed and Finalized Project Plan.
Implementation Schedule means the chronological list of all major tasks/activities with description, scheduled dates of completion and responsibilities of each party as outlined in Schedule C [ImplementationStatement of Work].
Implementation Schedule means the timetable for implementation of the hardware, software, and other services required for installation and implementation of the System, as set forth in the Statement of Work.
Implementation Schedule means the schedule that establishes Project milestones Subrecipient will utilize to ensure timely expenditures and project completion.
Implementation Schedule means the schedule set forth on Schedule A, or any subsequently prepared schedules superseding Schedule A.