Development Schedule definition

Development Schedule shall have the meaning set forth in Section 1.1.
Development Schedule means the schedule for completion of each Milestone, as set forth in a Statement of Work.
Development Schedule has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3 of this Agreement.

Examples of Development Schedule in a sentence

  • Exhibit 2-1: Sample E&D Report: Representative Development Schedule for Sale 195 Exhibit 2-2 summaries the activities and units provided in a sample of E&D reports that were reviewed.

  • A copy of the BUUSD FY24 Budget Development Schedule (dated 08/09/22) was distributed.Mrs.

More Definitions of Development Schedule

Development Schedule means the schedule of development activities set forth on Schedule B hereto.
Development Schedule means the schedule attached hereto as Exhibit E, as approved by the Commission setting forth the Developers anticipated schedule for the conveyance of the Developer Parcels and construction of the phases of the Project by the Developers.
Development Schedule means a schedule which has been submitted by the Grant Recipient as part of the Application indicating completion dates of all critical activities necessary for the Development, which has been accepted by the SHRA as set out in Annexure “A7”;
Development Schedule means the schedule of development activities set forth on Schedule 3.1 hereto.
Development Schedule means the development schedule for the Product as set forth in Exhibit B.
Development Schedule means the projected schedule for the progress of development, design, construction and equipping of the Project and a development progress schedule reflecting, among other things, the anticipated completion dates of the various subcategories and line items in the Development Budget, together with such supporting schedules for each line item therein as Lender may request, all in such form and containing such details as Lender shall require, including primary milestone dates, which for the Project is attached hereto as Schedule 1.1(C).