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Partially disabled means a member’s inability to engage in the duties of deputy sheriff by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment that can be expected to result in death or that has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. A member may be determined partially disabled for the purposes of this article and maintain the ability to engage in other gainful employment which exists within the state but which ability would not enable him or her to earn an amount at least equal to two thirds of the average annual compensation earned by all active members of this plan during the plan year ending as of the most recent June 30, as of which plan data has been assembled and used for the actuarial valuation of the plan.
Partially disabled for the purpose of this Letter of Understanding means that the employee is unable to do a portion of his/her normal workload where such portion is agreed by the employer to conform to the configuration of faculty workload in the employee’s instructional or non instructional areas and where the partial sick leave is in any event no greater than eighty percent (80%) of a full-time workload in that area. The application of this definition is subject to the employer’s legal duty of accommodation. Determination of whether the employee is partially disabled as defined above shall be by the short-term disability benefits carrier. An employee who is determined to be partially disabled will be entitled to sick leave under Article 9.3.2 on a pro-rated basis until the employee has satisfied the qualifying period for short-term disability benefits of the equivalent of thirty (30) complete calendar days. In any event, to qualify for short-term disability benefits the employee must complete the qualifying period within six (6) months of the date the employee commenced part-time sick leave. Should the employee return to his/her full normal duties of his/her own occupation during this qualifying period for short-term disability benefits and then become disabled from the same or related disability within fourteen (14) consecutive calendar days after returning to full active employment, he/she will be considered to be within the same qualifying period. The employee is required to meet all application, reporting, and other requirements provided for in this short-term and long-term disability benefits plans as applicable. The carrier’s approval of a partial disability claim for sick leave continuation on a pro-rata basis does not in itself mean that the employee’s subsequent claims for short-term disability benefits will be automatically approved, nor does approval for short-term disability benefits mean that the employee’s subsequent claim for long-term disability benefits will be automatically approved. Additional information on the processes and criteria for partial sick leave and partial disability benefits are set out in the document titled “Administration of Partial Sick Leave and Partial Disability Benefits”, which the Parties agree shall be part of the “Policies and Procedures” sections of the Disability Management Handbook for the common disability benefits plan set out in Article 9.3 of the Common Agreement. LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING 4
Partially disabled or ‘Partial Disability’ means that you:

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  • This study provided insightful information to strengthen the extant literature related to the functioning of charter schools by asking superintendents to discuss their perceptions about leading a charter school in the current legislative climate of Texas.

  • Therefore it is difficult to measure sustainability at the present time.

  • Partially disabled persons can buy into the pension fund based on their ability to work as long as they remain able to work on their active part and the buy- ins do not raise the level of their disabil- ity benefits.

  • The baseline of your competencies identified can then be used, with the specified tasks for each learning objective, to set your learning curriculum.

  • Partially disabled persons who do not meet this criterion are entitled to a follow-up allowance, which is equal to 70% of the legal minimum wage multiplied by the assessed percentage of disability.

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Partially disabled means the inability because of any physical or emotional illness lasting no more than 90 days to perform his assigned duties under his employment agreement or independent contractor agreement, or if the Participant is not a party to any such agreement, to perform his assigned duties for no less than 20 hours per week (and including any period of short term total absence due to illness or injury, including recovery from surgery, but in no event lasting more than the 90-day period of Partial Disability).
Partially disabled means an employee’s inability, on a probable permanent
Partially disabled means an employee’s inability, on a probable permanent basis, to perform the essential duties of a law-enforcement officer by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months, but which impairment does not preclude the employee from engaging in other types of nonlaw-enforcement employment.
Partially disabled means solely as a result of injury or illness an Insured Member is:
Partially disabled means that due to suffering an illness or injury, the life insured:
Partially disabled means as a result of the Injury or Sickness, the Covered Person is:
Partially disabled means an employee's inability, on a probable permanent basis, to