Benefits Plans definition

Benefits Plans means means all plans, arrangements, agreements, programs, policies, practices or undertakings, whether oral or written, formal or informal, funded or unfunded, insured or uninsured, registered or unregistered to which ResCap is a party to or bound by or in which the Leased Employees participate in or under which ResCap has, or will have, any liability or contingent liability under or, pursuant to which payments are made, or benefits are provided to, or an entitlement to payments or benefits may arise with respect to any of the Leased Employees relating to retirement savings, pensions, bonuses, profit sharing, deferred compensation, incentive compensation, life or accident insurance, hospitalization, health, medical or dental treatment or expenses, disability, unemployment insurance benefits, employee loans, vacation pay, severance or termination pay or other benefit plan.
Benefits Plans has the meaning set forth in Section 5.02(m).
Benefits Plans means the Debtor’s 401(k) savings plans, profit sharing, retirement plans or benefits (whether frozen or otherwise), health care plans, performance-based incentive plans, workers’ compensation programs and life, disability, and other employment-related insurance plans and other employee benefit plans, policies, and programs of the Debtor applicable to its directors, officers or employees in effect as of the Effective Date, and as identified on Exhibit 3 of the Plan.

Examples of Benefits Plans in a sentence

  • Qualifying periods under the Benefits Plans of the hiring Employer will be as set out in the Plans.

  • Health Benefits Plans shall not include the following benefits if they are provided under a separate policy, certificate or contract of insurance or are otherwise not an integral part of the plan: limited scope dental or vision benefits; benefits for long term care, nursing home care, home health care, community based care, or any combination thereof; and such other similar, limited benefits as are specified in federal regulations.

  • The terms of coverage and the cost to the employee of such coverage shall be as set forth in the Standard Benefits Plans.

  • By agreeing to participate in the Employer’s Standard Benefits Plans, the Union agrees that any dispute, grievance, question or controversy concerning the interpretation or application of the Standard Benefits Plans shall be determined and resolved in accordance with the procedures set forth in the applicable plan documents and shall not be subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of this Agreement.

  • The Employer shall provide Free Basic Life insurance in accordance with the Standard Benefits Plans.

More Definitions of Benefits Plans

Benefits Plans means all collective bargaining agreements, employee benefit plans, as defined in Section 3(3) of ERISA, and all bonus or other incentive compensation, pension, retirement, post-retirement benefit coverage, profit sharing, deferred compensation, stock ownership, stock purchase, stock option, phantom stock, vacation, severance, disability, death benefit, hospitalization, medical, dental, service award, relocation, scholarship, educational assistance, or employee loan plans, policies, arrangements and agreements which are, or within the past six years were, entered into, sponsored, maintained, contributed to or required to be contributed to by the Company or any of its ERISA Affiliates or under which the Company or any of its ERISA Affiliates may incur any liability.
Benefits Plans means all employee benefit plans as defined in section 3(3) of ERISA and all compensation, pay, severance pay, salary continuation, bonus, incentive, stock option, retirement, pension, profit sharing or deferred compensation plans, Contracts, programs, funds or arrangements of any kind and all other employee benefit plans, programs, funds or arrangements (whether written or oral, qualified or nonqualified, funded or unfunded, foreign or domestic, currently effective or terminated, and whether or not subject to ERISA) and any trust, escrow or similar agreement related thereto, whether or not funded, and, in each case, whether related to employees, directors, consultants or independent contractors of any Seller or Affiliate thereof or the Business.
Benefits Plans means any scheme, agreement or arrangement (whether legally enforceable or not and including any ex gratia amounts) for the provision of any pension, retirement, death, incapacity, sickness, disability, accident or other like benefits for any employee, director, former employee or former director of any Relevant Company or Turkcell Group Company or for the widow, widower, child or dependant of any such employee.
Benefits Plans has the meaning set forth in Section 3.13(a).
Benefits Plans includes each Retirement Benefit Arrangement;
Benefits Plans shall have the meaning set forth in Section 6.07(gg).
Benefits Plans means all employee benefit plans, programs and arrangements, including all profit-sharing, employment, severance, change in control, long-term incentive, bonus, stock option, phantom stock, stock purchase, restricted stock, pension, retirement, deferred compensation, post-retirement medical or life insurance, welfare, incentive, sick leave or other leave of absence, short- or long-term disability, retention and salary continuation, plans, programs and arrangements, in any case, established, maintained, sponsored or contributed to by COUV for the benefit of any employees, or with respect to which COUV has any direct or indirect liability, including any contingent liability due to a relationship with an ERISA Affiliate.