Not Approved definition

Not Approved. : This means that the Engineer has found the Submittal, material or product data to be unacceptable and not in conformance with the Contract. Generally speaking, rejection of a Submittal simply indicates the Engineer’s belief that the defects in the Submittal are so great that it cannot be revised in order to make it conform to the Contract. The Contractor may not begin work indicated by the Submittal, nor incorporate material or equipment, nor proceed with Work dependent upon approval of the Submittal, into the Work based on any Submittal, product data or material that has been marked “NOT APPROVED.”
Not Approved means not approved for construction. Reasons for disapproval will be given in writing. The ARB may also provide suggestions for revisions but does not provide design solutions. A disapproval action requires a re-submittal by the applicant for review before any approvals can be given.
Not Approved means that the submittal does not conform to the design concept or meet requirements of the contract documents.

Examples of Not Approved in a sentence

  • See Section 4.6 for Facilities We Have Not Approved and Section 4.8 for People/Facilities Who Are Not Legally Qualified or Licensed.

  • Do not permit submittals marked "Not Approved, Revise and Resubmit" to be used at the Project site, or elsewhere where Work is in progress.

  • No actual vote is taken.The minutes show “by unanimous consent.”Vote by VoiceThe standard practice.The minutes show Approved or Not Approved (or Failed).Vote by Show of Hands (tally)To record the number of votes on each side when an issue has engendered substantial debate or appears to be divisive.

  • Programs included in this list may have been suspended for new enrollments sometime in the past and have continued to be suspended at least one term of this academic year.New Programs Considered by University But Not Approved includes any programs considered by the university board of trustees, or any committee of the board, but not approved for implementation.

  • Evaluations will provide the approval recommendation status; determination(s) of the applicable research category or categories; and, as applicable, the reasons for a "Not Approved" recommendation.

  • See Section 4.6 for Services Provided by Facilities We Have Not Approved and Section 4.8 for Services Performed by People/Facilities Who Are Not Legally Qualified or Licensed.

  • Do not use, or allow others to use, submittals marked "Not Approved, Revise and Resubmit" at the Project Site or elsewhere where Work is in progress.

  • See Section 4.6 - Services Provided by Facilities We Have Not Approved.

  • Submittals not complete will be returned to the Contractor and will be considered "Not Approved" until resubmitted.

  • X Approved as to Form as Submitted Approved as to Form with Amendments/Modifications/Reservations Noted Below* Not Approved This document has been given legal review by the El Paso County Attorney’s Office on behalf of the County of El Paso, its officers, and employees.

More Definitions of Not Approved

Not Approved. Means that the submission is rejected for nonconformance with the construction documents and the Contractor shall make a new submittal which shall comply with the requirements of the Contract Documents. If construction, fabrication and/or manufacture proceeds it is at the Contractor's risk. Shop Drawings and Product Data bearing stamp shall not be permitted on the Project Site.
Not Approved means insufficient evidence available or pediatric dosing was reviewed, but not recommended.
Not Approved in Table A1.1 means that a particular coat- ing was not approved for a particular bolt style or grade in the individual standard prior to combination into F3125.
Not Approved shall be used for circumstances in which Timex Petrol Trade’s Use of Loans is not for petrol business. Timex Petrol Trade phải gửi tới cho Timex A&S 02 bản gốc đề nghị vay tiền bằng văn bản theo mẫu quy định tại ANNEX 2 – INDEB (sau đây gọi là “Chứng thư Nhận nợ”). Ngay sau khi nhận được Chứng thư Nhận nợ, Timex A&S thông báo cho Timex Petrol Trade biết về việc có chấp thuận đề nghị vay hay không. Trong trường hợp Timex A&S chấp nhận Khoản vay, Timex A&S sẽ gửi cho Timex Petrol Trade một bản gốc Chứng thư Nhận nợ đã được phê duyệt (thực hiện trong ngày). Trong trường hợp xxxxx xxxp nhận, Timex A&S gửi trả lại cho Timex Petrol Trade 02 bản gốc Chứng thư Nhận nợ với dòng chữ “Không chấp thuận”. Việc "Không chấp thuận" được áp dụng trong trường hợp Timex Petrol Trade sử dụng tiền vay ngoài mục đích phục vụ kinh doanh xăng dầu.

Related to Not Approved

  • Approved means approved in writing including subsequent written confirmation of previous verbal approval and ‘Approval’ means approved in writing including as aforesaid.

  • Approval means any approval, authorization, consent, qualification or registration, or any waiver of any of the foregoing, required to be obtained from, or any notice, statement or other communication required to be filed with or delivered to, any Governmental Entity or any other Person.

  • Approved Plan means plan for the building or lay out plan approved by the Authority in accordance with prescribed regulations.

  • Proposal means the Technical Proposal and the Financial Proposal.

  • Nomination means a written designation by a Shipper to Carrier of a stated quantity of Crude Petroleum to be tendered to Carrier for transportation from a specified origin point(s) to a specified destination point(s), as listed in the Table of Rates herein, over a period of one Operating Month in accordance with these rules and regulations.