Annexure D definition

Annexure D means, if applicable to services rendered at JOBURG MARKET’s premises by the Contractor, the Occupational Health and Safety Act Agreement entered into between the Parties in terms of section 37(2) of that Act.
Annexure D refers to the Load Management Programme Rules which governs the implementation of this Contract;
Annexure D refers to the SHEQ Plan, detailing Safety compliance;

Examples of Annexure D in a sentence

  • The Class I Local Supplier /Class II Local Supplier at the time of bidding shall be required to indicate the percentage of local content and provide self-certification as per Annexure D that the items offered meet the local content requirement.

  • Please provide a detail pricing using a Pricing Schedule/Bill of Quantities outlined under Annexure D.

  • Financial years i.e., 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-21 [Document to be provided as mentioned in Annexure D: Para- 2.2 (h).

  • Audited annual financial statements 2023 Compliance and assurance Principal statements Anglo American Platinum Limited’s annual financial statements Other information Administration AnnexuresAnnexures continuedfor the year ended 31 December 2023 Annexure D continued Unvested long-term incentive awards and cash value of settled awards (continued) Reported in GBP.

  • You have the right to opt−out, in which case, you may contact the Human Resources department Read and Acknowledged by: Signature: Peruru Sai Kiran Date: Annexure D : Notice to Potential EmployeesInvesco Limited and its subsidiaries (Invesco) Invesco, as an investment company, is highly regulated by, and abides by all applicable regulatory requirements of, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

More Definitions of Annexure D

Annexure D refers to the Energy Efficiency Programme rules which govern the implementation of this Contract.
Annexure D. ’ means the Director Resolution Form used by the board of directors adopted by CNLEHOA and which may be amended from time to time;
Annexure D means if applicable, Annexure “D” to this Lease Agreement, containing the debit order instruction signed by the Lessee, where applicable;
Annexure D means the DME (SAWEP) – SANERI signed project document
Annexure D. Rashtriya Ispat Xxxxx Limited Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (A Govt. of India Enterprise) Branch Sales Office ………… Address of the BSO Tender for Processing of TMT Rebars ……………………. Xxx.Xx………………………… Dt…………… LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE (LOA) To M/s. Dear Sir, Sub: Our Tender Notice No ………………………… Dt for Cutting & Bending of TMT Rebar under Rebar Processing Agent Contract at (To be specified) Ref: Your Tender Quotation no. …………..dt in response to the subject Tender Notice (All other relevant references)
Annexure D means Annexure Appendix C of the Mid-Western Regional Council Development Control Plan 2013 annexed to this Agreement and identified as Annexure D.
Annexure D means the Building Specifications;