WORK RULES Sample Clauses

WORK RULES. A. No employee shall be under the influence of any drug or alcohol while the employee is working or while the employee is on the Employer's premises or operating the Employer's vehicle, machinery, or equipment, except pursuant to a legitimate medical reason or when approved by the Employer as a proper law enforcement activity.
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WORK RULES. The State may change or adopt work rules during the term of this Agreement but such changed or adopted work rules shall not be inconsistent with the terms and provisions of this Agreement. Whenever such work rules are to be changed or adopted, they shall be posted on bulletin boards in the appropriate organizational units for seven (7) days before they are to become effective. Simultaneously with such posting a copy of same shall be forwarded to MSEA-SEIU. Upon request by MSEA-SEIU the State will meet and consult with MSEA-SEIU on the proposed changed or new rules.
WORK RULES. An Appointing Authority may establish and enforce reasonable work rules that are not in conflict with the provisions of this Agreement. Such rules shall be applied and enforced without discrimination. The Appointing Authority shall discuss and, upon request, meet regarding the changes in new or amended work rules with the Local Union, explaining the need therefor, and shall allow the Local Union reasonable opportunity to express its views prior to placing them in effect. Work rules will be labeled as new or amended and shall be posted on appropriate bulletin boards as far in advance of their effective date as practicable.
WORK RULES. The Employer has reserved the right to establish and modify from time-to-time, reasonable rules and regulations which are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement. The Employer shall meet and confer with the Union on additions or changes to existing rules and regulations prior to their implementation.
WORK RULES. Section 1The Union recognizes that the Employer, under this Agreement, has the right to promulgate and implement new and revised work rules, regulations, and policies and procedures that regulate the conduct of employees and the conduct of the Employer’s services and programs.
WORK RULES. The EMPLOYER may establish and enforce work rules that are not in conflict with this AGREEMENT. A copy of the EMPLOYER's formally established departmental work rules shall be available on or about the work site and during the work shift of employees subject to such rules. Upon request, such rules shall also be made available to the UNION. Revisions to such work rules will be labeled as new or amended and shall be posted or disseminated in advance of their effective date.
WORK RULES. The Employer departments shall have the right to establish reasonable work rules which shall be equitably and uniformly applied within their department. Prior to the effective date, any work rules shall be posted on all bulletin boards for a period of ten (10) consecutive work days. In addition, copies shall be furnished to the Union, and when effective, all existing work rules shall be furnished to all employees. New employees shall be furnished a copy of all work rules when hired. Any complaint as to the reasonableness of any new or existing rules, or any complaint involving discrimination in the application of new or existing rules, shall be resolved through discussion by the parties.
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WORK RULES. The Employer may establish and enforce reasonable work rules which are not in conflict with the terms of this Agreement. Such rules may be established on an organizational unit basis such as a work location, Department, Coordinate Campus, Collegiate/Administrative Unit, or University-wide and shall be the same rules for all Unit 7 (Technical Agreement) employees in an area but may vary according to what is appropriate for the work assigned to employees and shall be applied uniformly to all employees who are affected within these organizational units. The rules shall be posted and/or distributed to directly affected employees. Whenever new or amended rules are established, the organizational work unit shall inform affected employees prior to the effective date of the rule, whenever practicable. The University shall make a reasonable effort to discuss, and upon request, shall meet with the Local Union, explaining the need for the rules, and shall allow the Union reasonable opportunity to express its views prior to placing the rules in effect. For the purposes of this Section, the Local Union for issues related to rules at the local level shall be the local Union Xxxxxxx, or in his/her absence the Area Xxxxxxx or Chief Xxxxxxx, and for issues at the campus or bargaining unit wide level it shall be a Union Officer.
WORK RULES. All work performed and services rendered shall strictly conform to all laws, statutes, ordinances, and the applicable rules, regulation, methods and procedures of all governmental boards, bureaus, offices, commissions and other agencies. Safety precautions should adhere to the standards of OSHA guidelines.
WORK RULES. Section 1. The Owner retains the right to contract directly with other companies for work at the Project site. The Union shall not interfere in any way with the Owners' or these companies' personnel, operation or facilities at the Project site.
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