Under the Influence Sample Clauses

Under the Influence. The term under the influence of controlled substances including marijuana or alcoholic intoxicants covers not only all the well-known and easily recognized conditions and degrees of impairment and intoxication, but any perceptible abnormal mental or physical condition which is the result of indulging to any degree in controlled substances, marijuana or alcoholic intoxicants which perceptibly tend to deprive the use of that clearness of intellect and control the employee would otherwise possess.
Under the Influence. Any condition where alcohol or drugs has so far affected the nervous system, brain or muscles of an individual as to impair, to an appreciable degree, his/her ability to operate and/or function in the matter that an ordinary, prudent and cautious person, in full possession of their faculties, using reasonable care, would operate or function under like conditions.
Under the Influence. Any employee of the district or applicant for employment with the district who has any alcohol or illegal chemical substance or the metabolites thereof present in the body in any amount which is considered to be “positive” for such alcohol or drug or drug metabolites, using any scientifically substantiated drug-use screen test and drug-use confirm test.
Under the Influence. Any employee reasonably believed to be under the influence of any illegal drug, alcohol, or unauthorized substance shall not be allowed to perform their job while in that condition, and shall be subject to chemical testing. Employees found in such condition shall be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination. Refusal to submit a sample for chemical testing will result in termination.
Under the Influence. “Under the influence” for the purposes of this policy refers to the presence of the metabolite of the controlled substance in the urine product at levels above the cutoff described in this policy.
Under the Influence. Reporting to work under the influence of drugs, alcohol, any intoxicants, any controlled substance as defined by law is prohibited. An employee is considered to be under the influence if a prohibited substance is present in the body at or beyond the agreed upon threshold limits as provided by the Department of Transportation. For those substances not covered by the Department of Transportation Regulations, an employee will be considered “under the influence” if the prohibited substance is present in the body. The CITY may also consider other evidence in determining whether an employee is “under the influence,” including but not limited to review by the CITY’s Medical Review Officer.
Under the Influence a. An employee will be deemed to be under the influence of alcohol when their blood alcohol content is equal to or greater than .01%. For the purposes of this Article, a test result with a blood alcohol content equal to or greater than .01% is considered a positive test.
Under the Influence. The existence of alcohol or of an illegal drug in the bloodstream. Prohibited Conduct Students shall not at any time during the season use, possess, sell, distribute, or be under the influence of any illegal drug, anabolic steroid, or alcohol while a member of any school sponsored athletic team or activity. Consent Form To try-out for or to participate in any school-sponsored athletic competition or activity, the student must read this policy and sign consent forms by which the student agrees that as a condition of participation in athletics or activities, he/she will be eligible for the drug and alcohol testing program outlined in the procedure for the duration of their high school career. These consent forms must also be signed by the parents or guardians in advance of the try-outs for a specific sport or the joining of an activity. The consent forms will be valid for the current school year, including the following summer, and must be renewed annually.
Under the Influence. 1) An individual is considered to be "under the influence of intoxicants" when the individual's blood alcohol content exceeds .03% and for the purposes of this Article a test result with a blood alcohol content exceeding .03% is considered a positive test.
Under the Influence. A level in excess of established cutoff 9 levels of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances in an employee's blood or 10 urine reported by the laboratory, or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled 11 substances that results in any noticeable or perceptible impairment of the 12 employee's mental or physical faculties or job performance. For the purposes of 13 this definition, a blood alcohol level in excess of 0.03 will be considered under the 14 influence.