Under the Influence Sample Clauses

Under the Influence. The term under the influence of controlled substances including marijuana or alcoholic intoxicants covers not only all the well-known and easily recognized conditions and degrees of impairment and intoxication, but any perceptible abnormal mental or physical condition which is the result of indulging to any degree in controlled substances, marijuana or alcoholic intoxicants which perceptibly tend to deprive the use of that clearness of intellect and control the employee would otherwise possess.
Under the Influence of substances means that the pupil is observed in the use of a substance or exhibits physical and/or behavioral characteristics that indicate the immediate use of a substance.
Under the Influence. 1) An individual is considered to be "under the influence of intoxicants" when the individual's blood alcohol content exceeds .03% and for the purposes of this Article a test result with a blood alcohol content exceeding .03% is considered a positive test.
Under the Influence. Persons noticeably under the influence of any controlled substance or alcoholic or intoxicating liquor are not allowed on Library property.
Under the Influence. Any employee reasonably believed to be under the influence of any illegal drug, alcohol, or unauthorized substance shall not be allowed to perform their job while in that condition and shall be subject to chemical testing. Employees found in such condition shall be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination. Refusal to submit a sample for chemical testing will result in termination.
Under the Influence. Any employee of the District or applicant for employment with the District having alcohol or illegal chemical substances or the metabolites thereof present in the employee's body in any amount considered to be 'positive' for drug or drug metabolites using any scientifically substantiated drug or drug use screen test and drug use confirmation test. To the extent not specifically defined herein, the definition of any term, word or phrase found in this policy shall be as set forth in the Oklahoma Standards for Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Act. Procedures for Alcohol or Illegal Chemical Substance Testing Any alcohol or drug use test administered under the terms of this policy will be administered by or at the direction of a professional laboratory licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The professional laboratory shall be required to have detailed written specifications to assure chain of custody of the samples, proper labeling, proper laboratory control and scientific testing. All aspects of the alcohol and drug use testing program, including the taking of samples, will be conducted so as to safeguard the personal and privacy rights of applicants and employees to the maximum degree possible and shall be conducted under reasonable sanitary conditions. The test sample shall be obtained in a manner minimizing its intrusiveness. In the case of urine samples, the samples must be collected in a restroom or other private facility behind a closed stall. A sample shall be collected in sufficient quantity for splitting into two separate samples, pursuant to rules of the State Board of Health, to provide for any subsequent independent analysis in the event of a challenge of the test results of the main sample. The test monitor shall not observe any employee or applicant while the sample is being produced, but the test monitor may be present outside the stall to listen for the normal sounds of urination in order to guard against tampered samples and to ensure an accurate chain of custody. The test monitor may verify the normal warmth and appearance of the sample. If at any time during the testing procedure, the test monitor has reason to believe or suspect employee/applicant is tampering with the sample, the test monitor may stop the procedure and inform the test coordinator. The test monitor shall be of the same gender as the applicant/employee giving the sample. The test monitor shall give each employee or applicant a form on which the employee or a...
Under the Influence. A level in excess of established cutoff levels 23 of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances in an employee's blood or urine 24 reported by the laboratory, or use of alcohol, illegal drugs or controlled substances 25 that results in any noticeable or perceptible impairment of the employee's mental or 26 physical faculties or job performance. For the purposes of this definition, a blood 27 alcohol level in excess of 0.03 will be considered under the influence. Formatted: No underline
Under the Influence of alcohol means a blood alcohol level of .04% or greater. A positive alcohol test means a blood alcohol level of .02% or greater.
Under the Influence. 1. An individual is considered to be “under the influence” of alcohol when the individual's blood alcohol content is equal to or greater than .02% and for the purposes of this Article a test result with a blood alcohol content equal to or greater than .02% is considered a positive test.
Under the Influence. Arriving at the facility under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance will result in the immediate termination of the status as an approved Non- Department employee.