Technical Agreement definition

Technical Agreement means any technical or quality agreements signed by You (or Your Affiliate) and RB (or RB’s Affiliates) specifying technical and quality responsibilities in respect of the Output entered into prior to the date of the Order.
Technical Agreement means the agreement on compliance with the quality of storage, transportation and distribution of the Product(s), developed by the SELLER in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and Products’ regulatory documents and which is mandatory for signing and compliance by the DISTRIBUTOR within its Activities. The Technical Agreement shall form an integral part of the present Agreement (the above clause is not applicable to DISTRIBUTORS purchased and further distributed Products of the Consumer Healthcare Department only (i.e. to DISTRIBUTORS which do not purchase and further distribute Products of the Specialty Care Department in whole or in part)). «Техническое соглашение» означает соглашение о соблюдении качества хранения, перевозки и дистрибуции Продукции, разработанное ПРОДАВЦОМ в соответствии с требованиями законодательства и нормативной документации на Продукцию и обязательное к подписанию и соблюдению ДИСТРИБЬЮТОРОМ в своей Деятельности. Техническое соглашение является неотъемлемой частью настоящего Соглашения (приведенный пункт не применим в отношении ДИСТРИБЬЮТОРОВ, закупающих и в последующем реализующих исключительно Продукцию Подразделения безрецептурных препаратов (т.е. не осуществляющих полностью или хотя бы частично закупку и последующую реализацию Продукции Подразделения Рецептурных препаратов)).
Technical Agreement shall have the meaning specified in Section 4.2.

Examples of Technical Agreement in a sentence

  • This will help the Afghan Customs officials to recognize that the shipment belongs to the US Military and, therefore, the shipment is subject to tax exemption provisions as specified under the current Diplomatic Note or Military Technical Agreement (MTA).

  • Such rules may be established on an organizational unit basis such as a work location, Department, Coordinate Campus, Collegiate/Administrative Unit, or University-wide and shall be the same rules for all Unit 7 (Technical Agreement) employees in an area but may vary according to what is appropriate for the work assigned to employees and shall be applied uniformly to all employees who are affected within these organizational units.

  • Technical Agreement Regarding Use of Land to Be Leased by the United States in the Northern Mariana Islands.

  • DLA Troop Support Response: This contract is for supplying United States forces, rather than ISAF, so the provisions of the Military Technical Agreement do not apply.

  • The Military Technical Agreement is available at

More Definitions of Technical Agreement

Technical Agreement shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.18.
Technical Agreement means the agreement to be made between the Parties as specified in Clause 8.4;
Technical Agreement has the meaning set forth in the Supply Agreement.
Technical Agreement means a technical agreement regarding the quality and testing of Product between the Parties in substantially the form given in Annex D.