Websites Sample Clauses

Websites. I have a website that you are free to access. I use it for professional reasons to provide information to others about me and my practice. You are welcome to access and review the information that I have on my website and, if you have questions about it, we should discuss this during your therapy sessions. LIMITS ON CONFIDENTIALITY I may occasionally find it helpful to consult other behavioral health professionals in this practice about a case. During a consultation, I make every effort to avoid revealing the identity of my client. The other professionals are also legally bound to keep the information
Websites. The term “Websites” shall mean the websites located at and, and such other sites as Lexington may choose to operate in connection with the Representation.
Websites. 18.1 By accessing a Company website, the Purchaser warrants and represents to the Company that it is legally entitled to do so, and legally entitled to make use of information made available via the website.
Websites. ● All web pages must adhere to the “Shelby Public Schools Web Page Terms and Conditions.” Personal SafetyStudents will not share personal contact information about themselves or other people. Personal contact information includes address, telephone, school address, or work address. ● Elementary and middle school students will not disclose their full name or any other personal contact information for any purpose. ● High school students will not disclose personal contact information, except to educational institutions for educational purposes, companies or other entities for career development purposes, or without specific building administrative approval. ● Students will not agree to meet with someone they have met online. ● Students will promptly disclose to a teacher or other school employee any message received that is inappropriate or makes the student feel uncomfortable. System SecurityUsers are responsible for their individual accounts and should take all reasonable precautions to prevent others from being able to use them. Under no conditions should users provide their password to another person. ● Students must immediately notify a teacher or the system administrator if they have identified a possible security problem. Students should not go looking for security problems. This may be construed as an illegal attempt to gain access. ● Users will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any portion of the Shelby Public Schools electronic network. This includes attempting to log in through another person’s account or access another person’s folders, work, or files. These actions are illegal, even if only for the purposes ofbrowsing” ● Users will not make deliberate attempts to disrupt the computer system or destroy data by spreading computer viruses or by any other means. These actions are illegal. ● Users will not attempt to access websites blocked by district policy, including the use of proxy services, software, or websites. ● Users will not use sniffing or remote access technology to monitor the network or other user’s activity. ● Any user that attempts to log on to the Internet and/or SUN as a system administrator will result in cancellation of user privileges. ● Any user identified as a security risk or having a history of problems with other computer systems may be denied access to the Internet and/or SUN. Software and Files ● Software is available to users to be used as an educational resource. No user may install, upload or download s...
Websites. (a) The Company may satisfy its obligation under this Agreement to deliver any information in relation to those Lenders (the Website Lenders) who accept this method of communication by posting this information onto an electronic website designated by the ObligorsAgent and the Agent (the Designated Website) if:
Websites. Licensor assigns, conveys and transfers to Licensee all right, title and interest in and to (a) all Website Content, any registration therefor, the content associated therewith, and any and all intellectual property rights and goodwill arising from Licensor’s use thereof that Licensor may have, (b) all Website Contracts, and (c) all claims for damages arising out of or relating to past or continuing infringements or breaches, as the case may be, thereof, if any, with the right to sxx for and collect such damages.
Websites. Since December 1, 2003, VGX has maintained in connection with their operations, activity, conduct, and business on the World Wide Web ("Web") and any and all other applicable internet operations, activity, conduct, and business, at all times during such operations, activity, conduct, and business, a written privacy statement or policy governing the collection, maintenance, and use of data and information collected from users of Web sites owned, operated, or maintained by, on behalf of, or for the benefit of VGX in connection with or related to VGX's business, including the business of its Subsidiaries ("VGX Web Sites"). Since December 1, 2003, VGX's privacy statement or policy has been conspicuously made available to users of VGX Web Sites. Such statement or policy, along with VGX's collection, maintenance, and use of user data and information and transfer thereof to Inovio under this Agreement, complies in all material respects with all applicable Legal Requirements, including laws of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. VGX's privacy statement or policy does not in any manner restrict or limit any right of VGX or any successors' rights to use, sell, license, distribute, and disclose such collected data.
Websites. Websites maintained by the Aging and Disability Services Administration of the Department of Social and Health Services (ADSA/DSHS) that individual providers might reasonably access to seek employment-related information shall contain a link to the Union’s website, provided that the link is in compliance with RCW 42.52.160 and RCW 42.52.180.
Websites. The Contractor is expected to maintain a current and up-to-date website providing information regarding their agency. The website URL must be original and separate from any lines of business owned or operated by the Contractor or their parent organization. Website must have a participant-friendly design with written materials in plain language (xxxxx:// English. All web content must be approved by the Department prior to deployment. The Contractor should aim for the written content on their websites to be at a 6th grade reading level, with a best practice that alternate formats be available (e.g. large print, languages other than English). The Contractor is expected to provide a link on their agency website to the Department of Health Service’s IRIS Program website: xxxxx:// The Contractor is expected to provide a link on their agency website to the IRIS Self-Directed Personal Care website maintained by the Department: xxxxx://