Enrollment Agreement definition

Enrollment Agreement means an agreement between the Company and an employee, in such form as may be established by the Company from time to time, pursuant to which the employee elects to participate in this Plan, or elects changes with respect to such participation as permitted under the Plan.
Enrollment Agreement means the document executed by a Prospective Student that sets forth certain terms and conditions of the Prospective Student’s enrollment in a Program of Study.

Examples of Enrollment Agreement in a sentence

  • HCI College will refund monies paid by students in the following manner: ▪ All monies will be refunded if the applicant is not accepted by the College or if the student cancels within three (3) business days after signing the Enrollment Agreement and making payment.

  • The student also acknowledges that they have received a receipt of payment as well as been given a copy of this completed Enrollment Agreement as executed for the Student’s records.

  • Upon signing this agreement, you will receive: • A copy of the Enrollment Agreement.

  • The student further acknowledges that a copy of the College’s catalog has been provided and reviewed prior to signing this Enrollment Agreement located at xxx.xxx.xxx.

  • Dual Enrollment, an articulated accelerated mechanism offered jointly by the TRUSTEES and THE PRIVATE SCHOOL, shall broaden the scope of curricular options available to students and increase the depth of study available for a particular subject by offering college credit and post-secondary vocational courses to eligible high school students as provided in the Dual Enrollment Agreement.

More Definitions of Enrollment Agreement

Enrollment Agreement means the authorization form which an Eligible Employee files with the Committee to participate in the Plan.
Enrollment Agreement means the authorization form which an Eligible Employee or Trustee files with the Plan Administrator to participate in the Plan.
Enrollment Agreement means an agreement in such written or electronic form as specified by the Company, stating an Employee's election to participate in the Plan and authorizing payroll deductions or such other form of contribution as may be permitted under the Plan (or any sub-plan established pursuant to Section 9.4) from the Employee's Compensation.
Enrollment Agreement means a written contract between a student and institution concerning an educational program.
Enrollment Agreement means the authorization form which an Eligible Employee files with the Plan Administrator or its designee to participate in the Plan, including, without limitation, one that is completed and/or sent electronically in a manner specified by the Plan Administrator.
Enrollment Agreement means an agreement made by an eligible employee whereby he elects the amounts to be withheld from his Compensation pursuant to section 3.01.
Enrollment Agreement means the program-specific document an individual must complete to be approved to provide services as a homecare or personal support worker.