Financial Arrangements Sample Clauses

Financial Arrangements. 4. The Commonwealth will provide an estimated total financial contribution to the States of $7 million nationally, exclusive of GST, in respect of this Agreement, as set out in Part 5 – Financial Arrangements.
Financial Arrangements. When the Trust is not the Investigator’s principal employer, this should include, after the schedule of payments, the statement that: It shall be the responsibility of the Trust to make the appropriate agreed pass-through payments to the Investigator’s principal employer, as indicated above. APPENDIX 6
Financial Arrangements. The financing of my participation in the Deferred Salary Leave Plan shall be according to the following schedule:
Financial Arrangements. Compensation for services provided under this Agreement will be made by way of payments in accordance with Attachment A (Payment Terms) and Attachment B (Financial Arrangements Worksheet). All parties acknowledge that amounts set forth in Attachment B (Financial Arrangements Worksheet) represent fair market value of the services provided by Provider for conducting the Trial to the best of their knowledge. All amounts are inclusive of all direct, indirect, overhead and other costs, including laboratory and ancillary service charges, and will remain firm for the duration of the Trial, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. The Provider will not directly or indirectly seek or receive compensation from Trial Subjects or third-party payers for any material, treatment or service that is required by the Protocol and provided or paid by CRO, including, but not limited to, Sponsor Drug, Comparator Drug, Equipment (hereinafter defined), Trial Subject screening, infusions, physician and nurse services, diagnostic tests, and Sponsor Drug and/or Comparator Drug administration. Once the designated payees have been paid for the performance of the Trial, neither CRO nor Sponsor shall have any further obligation or liability whatsoever to pay Provider. The anticipated maximum amount of remuneration is 500,000.00 CZK. 5. Finanční ujednání Odměna za služby poskytované dle této smlouvy bude vyplacena prostřednictvím úhrad v souladu s přílohou A (platební podmínky) a přílohou B (záznam finančního ujednání). Všechny strany berou na vědomí, že částky uvedené v příloze B (záznam finančního ujednání) představují spravedlivou tržní hodnotu služeb poskytovaných poskytovatelem při provádění klinického hodnocení dle jejich nejlepšího vědomí. Všechny částky zahrnují všechny přímé, nepřímé, režijní a další náklady, včetně nákladů na laboratorní a pomocné služby a zůstanou pevné po dobu trvání klinického hodnocení, pokud se strany písemně nedohodnou jinak. Poskytovatel nebude přímo ani nepřímo vyžadovat ani přijímat odměnu od subjektů klinického hodnocení nebo plátců třetích stran za materiály, léčbu nebo služby vyžadované podle protokolu a poskytnuté nebo zaplacené CRO, včetně zejména hodnoceného léčivého přípravku, srovnávacího léku, zařízení (definovaného níže), screeningu subjektů klinického hodnocení, infuzí, služeb lékařů a sester, diagnostických testů a podávání hodnoceného léčivého přípravku a/nebo srovnávacího léku. Jakmile bude určeným příjemcům plateb uhrazeno prov...
Financial Arrangements. 5.1 The Software will be provided at no cost.
Financial Arrangements. 2.1 Pursuant to the budget contained in the Work Plan, UNDP shall make available to the CSO funds up to the maximum amount indicated in block 5 of the Face Sheet upon timely achievement of the Deliverables and in accordance with the schedule set forth in the Work Plan.
Financial Arrangements. 10.1 Arrangements relating to the financing of this Clinical Trial by the Sponsor are set out in Appendix 6 hereto. In the event that amendments to the Protocol require changes to the trial financing arrangements, an amended financial schedule will be signed by the Parties pursuant to clause 14.2 below and attached as a supplement at Appendix 6 of this Agreement. All payments will be made according to the schedule contained in Appendix 6 on presentation of a VAT invoice from the Trust to the Party making payment. The Party making payment shall promptly respond to any reasonable request for invoicing data received from the Trust within 45 days of the close-out of the Trial Site. The Trust will send its final invoice, (or, as the case may be, issue a credit note and make repayment of any monies previously paid for work not completed), to the party making payment as soon as possible and, in any event, within 45 days of receipt of the said data where such a request has been made, or within 45 days of study close-out in all other circumstances unless there is a written agreement between the Trust and the Party making payment to extend these periods. The Party making payment shall do so within forty-five (45) days of the date of receipt of the invoice mentioned in clause 10.3 above. Any delay in the payment of the payee invoices by a Party will incur an interest charge on any amounts overdue of 2 per cent per month above the National Westminster Bank plc base rate prevailing on the date the payment is due.
Financial Arrangements. 1. A Fund is hereby established for the implementation of this Agreement.