Skills Training Sample Clauses

Skills Training. 1. The Board of Education is desirous of having all staff trained in skills and concepts designed to support and extend the effectiveness of their instruction.
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Skills Training. A. Bargaining unit employees may receive yearly training through the University’s E- Learning (Skillsoft) training program. If the coursework is job related, employees may be approved to take the training during working hours. E-Learning shall be paid for by the University.
Skills Training. All workers shall have the opportunity to participate in education and training programmes including training to improve workers skills to use new technology and equipment.
Skills Training. 30.1 In the interest of Local Community Development, local labour must be employed wherever possible, and an on site skills training programme must be implemented. Details of the training programme to be submitted to BCMA at each site hand over.
Skills Training. Acciona undertakes to provide the resources to contribute to learning and training on the part of its employees and to update their knowledge and skills in order to provide professional progress and more value to customers, shareholders and society in general.
Skills Training. (a) Supplier will provide Product support training (“Skills Training”) that is sufficient to permit qualified Alcatel technical personnel to provision, configure, operate, install, test, maintain, commission and troubleshoot the Product. Supplier will provide such training within three months after the date of the Agreement.
Skills Training. The Company shall provide skills training to employees to upgrade their work skills or other skills relevant to the Company’s operation.
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Skills Training the Provider shall provide occupational skills training based on an approved program curriculum that utilizes qualified training personnel. Skills’ training is an organized program in which a person acquires the skills necessary for a specific job family. Examples of types of skills that apply under this Provider agreement are janitorial, clerical, computer, and retail. The organization should identify and annually review placement opportunities specific to each training course. The Provider shall establish, with the active involvement of the consumer and referring counselor, a services plan that includes the following, as appropriate: specific need areas to be evaluated, questions to be identified or addressed, skill acquisition or objectives to be targeted; work assignments or environments; methods for accomplishing the plan; staff responsible for carrying out the plan; date of follow-up staffing(s) with the DRS Counselor; and signatures of significant parties. The Provider shall evaluate consumer performance in training and/or assessment services against predetermined criteria based upon competitive standards for the same or similar work. The Provider shall provide the short-term services for a length of time dictated by the needs of the consumer and shall justify requests of lengthy duration by providing the referring counselor with necessary written explanation. The Provider shall maintain for DRS review an individual case record for each person served that is clear, complete, and current. Records should include, but not be limited to, documentation of disability, individual service plans, and progress reports. The Provider shall maintain ongoing CARF accreditation in the appropriate CARF categories related to the services provided.
Skills Training. (a) Providing eligible youth with internships on entry level jobs.
Skills Training. All employees shall have the opportunity to participate in education and training programmes, which are conducted at the respective plant, including training to improve workers skills to use new technology and equipment. Employee representatives should be involved in designing education and training programs.
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