Project Inspector Sample Clauses

Project Inspector. 5.1.1. One or more Project Inspector(s), including special Project Inspector(s), as required, will be assigned to the Work by District, in accordance with requirements of title 24, part 1, of the California Code of Regulations, to enforce the building code and monitor compliance with Plans and Specifications for the Project previously approved by the DSA. Duties of Project Inspector(s) are specifically defined in section 4-342 of said part 1 of title 24.
Project Inspector. Failure of the Project Inspector to note or require correction of improper or defective work does not relieve the Contractor from its responsibility to correct such improper or defective work. The Project Inspector has no authority to and shall not:
Project Inspector. An inspector who is employed by the school district, certified by DSA and specifically approved by DSA and applicable project design professionals to provide competent, adequate and continuous construction inspections for the project. Relocatable Building – Buildings as defined in Title 24, Part 1, Section 4-314 which are built in a fabrication plant off-site. APPLICABLE DSA FORMS: • DSA 1 • DSA 1-MR. • DSA 5-AI: Assistant Inspector Qualification and Approval. • DSA 5-PI: Project Inspector Qualification and Approval. • DSA 5-IPI: In-Plant Project Inspector Qualification and Approval. • DSA 5-SI: Special Inspector Qualification and Approval. • DSA 6-AE: Architect/Engineer Verified Report. • DSA 6-C: Contractor Verified Report. • DSA 6-PI: Project Inspector Verified Report. • DSA 102-IC: Construction Start Notice/Inspection Card Request. • DSA-103 • DSA 108: Change in Delegation of Responsibility. • DSA 109: Transfer of Responsibility: Geotechnical Engineer. • DSA 119: Project Inspector Performance Review. • DSA 130: Certificate of ComplianceAccepted Folding and Telescopic Seating Fabricator. • DSA 135: Field Trip Note (internal form). • DSA 151: Project Inspector Notifications. • DSA 152 • DSA 152-IPI: In-Plant Inspector Inspection Card/Verified Report. • DSA 153: Inspection Card Building Identifier (internal form). • DSA 154: Notice of Deviations / Resolution of Deviations. • DSA 155: Project Inspector Semi-Monthly Report. • DSA 156: Commencement/Completion of Work Notification. • DSA 168: Statement of Final Actual Project Cost. • DSA 180: Project Inspector Performance Record. • DSA 211: Attachment for Additional Comments/Information. • DSA 291: Laboratory of Record Verified Report. • DSA 292: Special Inspectors Employed Directly by the District Verified Report. • DSA 293: Geotechnical Verified Report.
Project Inspector. Duties included the sampling and testing of construction materials such as soils, aggregate base, freshly mixed concrete, and asphalt. Special inspection duties included reinforced concrete for foundation, retaining walls, slab on grade, inspection and testing of high strength bolting and spray applied fireproofing for structural steel. Activities also included the inspection and testing of underground utility installation to comply with MAG and the supplemental specifications to the City of Glendale. Reviewing of daily reports generated by other technicians and documentation such a deviation logs, RFI and submittal packages.
Project Inspector. Responsible for observation and testing mass grading, monitoring and testing of utility backfill operations; testing of fresh Portland cement concrete, structural Shotcrete, grout and slurry fills, special inspections on reinforced concrete and structural masonry. This $18,966,000 new facility includes 22,000 gross sq. ft. and 12,
Project Inspector. Responsible for observation and testing of mass grading observations, monitoring and testing of utility backfill operations; testing of fresh Portland cement concrete, grout and slurry fills. The project includes demolition of the existing reservoir, followed with construction of two new reservoirs within the existing site boundaries. In addition, the project includes installation of 1100 feet of 48-inch diameter pipe within the 42nd Place right-of-way, extending south from Baseline Road to the reservoir.