Scope of Architects Basic Services Sample Clauses

Scope of Architects Basic Services. 2.1 DEFINITION 2.1.1 (Customary Services Included) Add to the end: “and all other design services that are normally or customarily furnished and reasonably necessary for the Project”. 2.2 SCHEMATIC DESIGN PHASE 2.2.1 (Understanding of Requirements) Add to the end: “As part of this review, the Architect shall attend a series of meetings with the Owner’s project team and the Architect’s consultants.” 2.2.3 (Containing Costs) Add to the end: “One purpose of the review is to contain costs within the budget limits.” 2.2.4 (Project Budget to be Considered) In line 2, change “construction” to “Project”. 2.2.5 (Estimate of Construction Cost) Add to the end: “The preliminary estimate of Construction Cost shall include, at a level of detail satisfactory to the Owner, estimates of Construction Cost, including the cost of each category of work involved.” 2.3 DESIGN DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2.3.1 (Design Development Documents) Delete and replace with: “Based on the approved Schematic Design Documents, and any adjustments as authorized by the Owner in writing in the program or Project budget, the Architect shall prepare, for approval by the Owner, Design Development Documents consisting of drawings and other documents to fix and describe the size and character of the entire Project as to architectural, landscape architectural, civil engineering, structural, mechanical, environmental, interior designs, and electrical systems, and such other elements as may be appropriate.” Add: “2.3.3. (Advise on Tests) To the extent appropriate during this phase, the Architect shall advise the Owner of the advisability of the Owner’s arranging for the tests, inspections and reports referred to in Paragraph 4.7.” Add: “2.3.4 (Probable Construction Cost) The Architect shall submit to the Owner a preliminary estimate of Construction Cost based upon the design development documents and, if requested by the Owner, shall assist the Owner in securing at least one independent estimate of Construction Cost from qualified construction estimators. The services shall include providing detailed estimates of Construction Cost. This requirement may be moved to the end of the Schematic Design Phase if in the opinion of the Architect and Owner enough information has been produced in that phase to generate a reliable budget projection.” Add: “2.3.5 (Review for Code Compliance) The Architect shall submit the Design Development Documents to the Development Review Board for its review for compliance with applicabl...
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Scope of Architects Basic Services. Unless otherwise stated in the Agreement, the Architect’s Basic Services shall consist of those set forth in Exhibit B of the Agreement. GOVERNING LAWThe rights, obligations, and remedies of the parties shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas (without regard to conflicts of law principles). Venue for any action shall lie exclusively in Dallas County, Texas.
Scope of Architects Basic Services