Project Budget definition

Project Budget means the budget and project description included in the grant application. The Project Budget must succinctly describe all major elements of project work, the estimated cost of each, and clearly allocate requested grant funding and match contributions to each.
Project Budget means the total available funding required for a Project or Project Location, including construction (Contract) costs (based on the Estimate Scope), utility costs, Consulting Fee, and any associated costs identified in the additional comments of a project;
Project Budget means the City’s estimate of the total cost to it for the Project, including, but not limited to, the Construction Cost, the Architect’s fees hereunder, other professional fees, land costs and all other costs to the City for the Project.

Examples of Project Budget in a sentence

  • Other Information 16 [Appendix 1] Reference for Calculation of Project Budget Items 17 [Appendix 2] Application Form 18 [Appendix 3] Personal Information of Participants 26 [Appendix 4] Agreement to Project Participation 27 [Appendix 5] Certificate of the Central Management of Project Grant 29 [Appendix 6] Korean Studies Major Subjects and Syllabus 31 [Appendix 7] Online Submission Contents 32 [Appendix 8] Overview of Support by Region and Country 34 Ⅰ Purpose of Program and Direction of Support 1.

  • Included with this agenda item is the Fee Proposal as well as the estimated Project Budget with the options GCSD is exploring.

  • Division A - Total Project Budget of $50,000 or less may request up to $5,000 Division B - Total Project Budget of $50,001 - $100,000 may request up to $10,000Division C - Total Project Budget above $100,001 - $250,000 may request up to $25,000 Division D - Total Project Budget above $250,000 may request up to $35,000For more information, please refer to the TDC's Guidelines.

  • To document evidence of completion of the deliverables [subgrantee] will provide: [performance metrics] The Subgrantee has provided an Estimated Project Budget (which is incorporated as part of this Agreement and titled Attachment B).

  • Resolution to Approve the Citizen Genet Elementary Playground Project Budget Ms. Skumurski asked what the timeline is for the Genet playground.Mr. Bickel said if the site work bid is approved at this meeting and the playground equipment is ordered and in stock, there is a possibility the playground could be installed by November.

More Definitions of Project Budget

Project Budget means the budget for the Project, prepared and revised by the Program Manager and the Contractor and approved by District during the pre-construction phase and approved by the Board.
Project Budget means the budget for the Project in the aggregate amount of $[insert Project budget amount] attached to this Agreement as Schedule I showing a summary of all Eligible Project Costs and the estimated sources and uses of funds for the Project, as amended from time to time with the approval of the TIFIA Lender.
Project Budget means the budget for the Project representing the total cost of the Improvements as provided by the Developer to the District.
Project Budget means the project budget, as set out in Annexure C.
Project Budget means the budget for the Project as set forth in Exhibit C to this Agreement, as revised in accordance with Section 2.02(d).
Project Budget means the amounts detailed in §6.2 of Exhibit B.
Project Budget means the budget for the Project set forth in Schedule 1.1.