Construction Works definition

Construction Works means any work in connection with:

Examples of Construction Works in a sentence

  • AT 19.01.2016), and the General Technical Conditions of Contract for Construction Works (VOB/C) of September 2019.

  • Pursuant to section 8a (1), first sentence, of the General Provisions on the Procurement of Construction Works (VOB Part A, 2019), the Contract is based on the General Conditions of Contract for the Performance of Construction Works (VOB/B) as in force on 19 January 2016, in the version published in the Federal Gazette (BAnz.

  • For the purposes of determining that Construction Works are being undertaken in accordance with the Construction Requirements and O&M Requirements, the Bidder shall with due diligence carry out all necessary and periodical Tests in accordance with the Construction Requirements and O&M Requirements.

  • There is no legal impediment to obtain Construction Engineering Planning Permit and Construction Works Commencement Permit for the construction of the proposed development.

More Definitions of Construction Works

Construction Works means buildings and civil engineering works;
Construction Works means the construction, extension, installation, carrying out, repair, maintenance, renewal, removal, alteration, dismantling or demolition of —
Construction Works means putting up, demolishing, repairs or renovation of buildings, roads, bridges or other structures including fabrication of steel structures and all other civil works;
Construction Works means all modifications, works and things required to be undertaken by the Concessionaire, pursuant to the Construction Requirements.