Construction Works definition

Construction Works means all works and things necessary to complete the Project in accordance with this Agreement;
Construction Works means any work in connection with:
Construction Works or “works’ means the provision of a combination of goods and services arranged for the development, extension, installation, repair, maintenance, renewal, removal, renovation, alteration, dismantling or demolition of a fixed asset including building and engineering infrastructure;

Examples of Construction Works in a sentence

  • ACSA Environment and Fire and Rescue to be notified where a spill occurs 4B Construction works Dust Damage to aircraft//injury to persons/adverse health effects/ Dust suppression measures are to be implemented and PPE used where required 4A Construction works/ Trenching Damage to underground services.

  • Rescue plans are to be included 3A Construction works Storage of hazardous chemicals substances Contamination/fi re/ injury to persons/ environmental impact ACSA’s Environmental terms and conditions are to be adhered to.

  • All equipment on the Airside is to be secured 4A Construction works Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Ingestion into aircraft engine Airside induction is required for all staff working on the Airside, FOD bins are to be used for any FOD found lying on the ground.

  • All waste to be secured to prevent it from becoming airborne (refer to Environmental Terms and Conditions) 4B Construction works Working at Height Injury /fatality Fall protection plan to be devised by the contractors in line with the Construction Regulations 2014.

More Definitions of Construction Works

Construction Works means all works and things required to be undertaken by the Concessionaire in accordance with the Construction Requirements.
Construction Works means buildings and civil engineering works;
Construction Works means the construction, extension, installation, carrying out, repair, maintenance, renewal, removal, alteration, dismantling or demolition of —
Construction Works means buildings and civil engineering works that may both be over or in the ground or water, including bridges, tunnels, pylons and other facilities for transport of electricity, communication cables, pipelines, aqueducts, dams, airports, ports, water ways, and installations which are the basis for rails of railways, but excluding wind mills, oil platforms or chemical plants, industry manufacturing installations, agricultural installations, electricity generation installations, military installations, whilst their shelters may be buildings;
Construction Works means construction of all specified filling station’s civil works, buildings, including constructions for installation and other facilities, supply and installation of equipment for provision of fuels, other petroleum products and for the construction of all other required facilities.
Construction Works means putting up, demolishing, repairs or renovation of buildings, roads, bridges or other structures including fabrication of steel structures and all other civil works;
Construction Works means to set-up, design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Project as the context may require, and all the appurtenances thereof, any other permanent, temporary or urgent works required under this Concession Agreement.