Screening Sample Clauses

Screening. All drug screening tests shall be conducted by medical laboratories certified by the Department of Health and Human Services or certified by a DHHS recognized certification program. No test shall be considered positive until it has been confirmed by a Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry full scan test or its equivalent. The procedures utilized by the City and testing laboratory shall include an evidentiary chain of custody control. All procedures shall be outlined in writing and this outline shall be followed in all situations arising under this Article. The split sample method of collection shall be used and shall follow prescribed testing procedures. Collection of samples for all random testing shall take place in the police department.
Screening. After you sign and date the consent document, you will begin screening. The purpose of the screening is to find out if you meet all of the requirements to take part in the study. Procedures that will be completed during the study (including screening) are described below. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to take part in the study. The study investigator or study staff will explain why. As part of screening, you must complete all of the items listed below:  Give your race, age, gender, and ethnicity  Give your medical history o You must review and confirm the information in your medical history questionnaire  Give your drug, alcohol, and tobacco use history  Give your past and current medication and treatment history. This includes any over-the-counter or prescription drugs, such as vitamins, dietary supplements, or herbal supplements, taken in the past 28 daysHeight and weight will be measured  Xxxxx xxxxx (blood pressure, heart rate, and oral temperature) will be measured  Electrocardiograms (ECG) will be collected. An ECG measures the electrical activity of the heart  Complete a COVID-19 questionnaire  All participants will be tested for COVID-19 at each visit to the CRU o Study staff may be wearing masks, face xxxxxxx, respirator hoods, gowns, and gloves  You will be provided a mask, and are required to wear it at all times  You will be tested for COVID-19 by collection of a swab sample  Safety lab tests will be done from blood and urine samples. In addition: o Blood tests for aPTT, PT-INR, and fibrinogen (tests of your blood’s ability to clot) o Blood tests for HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C o Urine to test for drugs of abuse (illegal and prescription) o Females able to have children will have a blood pregnancy test o Females who have not had a period for at least 12 months in a row will have a blood hormone test to confirm they cannot have children  The study investigator may decide to do an alcohol breath test  The use of proper birth control will be reviewedPhysical exam. This may be done at screening or when you check-in for the study  You will be asked “How do you feel?” HIV and Hepatitis Testing HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C will be tested at screening. If anyone is exposed to your blood during the study, you will have these tests done again. If you have a positive test, you cannot be in or remain in the study. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. If your HIV test is positive, you will be told abo...
Screening. All ground level mechanical units shall be visually screened from public view. Large trash receptacles for business use and any outside storage areas shall either be enclosed within the Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx Building or be screened on three sides with masonry screen wall. Redevelopers shall submit the screening plan as part of the Exterior Construction Documents to the Mayor for his review and approval which will not be unreasonably withheld.
Screening. Tularik shall develop and perform biochemical and cell-based assays ("Tularik Assays") to determine (i) [ * ] ("Lead Compounds"). [ * ]. Each Party will provide its proprietary chemical and natural product libraries to Tularik for screening as directed by the RMC; provided, however, that a Party shall not be required to provide a compound for screening that [ * ]. Unless otherwise directed by the RMC and except as provided in Section 2(e), the activities under Sections 2(b) and 2(c) shall be the responsibility [ * ] of Tularik until such time as [ * ] pursuant to this Section 2(c). If a compound is designated as a Lead Compound [ * ], such compound shall be removed from the screening library from which such Lead Compound originated until such time as [ * ] = Certain confidential information contained in this document, marked by brackets, has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to Rule 406 of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
Screening. All mechanical housing and condensing housing shall be visually screened from public view. Outside storage areas shall be screened on three sides. Redeveloper shall submit a screening plan for such screening for the Mayor’s review and approval which will not be unreasonably withheld. Such Final Design and Construction Plans shall be based upon the approved Project Schematic Drawings and shall include and show (i) all the exterior faces of the Building from the adjoining rights-of-way or ground surface to the highest point of the capping of the flat roof; to be constructed by Redeveloper as part of the Redevelopment Project, (ii) the construction materials to be used for the exterior walls, and (iii) the elevation views of the exterior faces of the Building in relation to the adjoining sidewalk or ground surface (collectivelyExterior Construction Drawings”). The Redeveloper, as part of its application for a building permit to construct the Building, shall cause the Architect or its General Contractor to submit two sets of the Exterior Construction Drawings to the City for review and approval, as provided in subsection C below. If not previously submitted and approved as part of the Project Schematic Drawings, the Final Design and the Construction Plans shall also include a site plan (“Site Plan”). Ingress and egress to and from the Project Site from the public streets as shown on the Site Plan shall be subject to City approval based upon Lincoln Municipal Code Chapter 14.75 and the City’s Access Management Policy.
Screening. [*] Republic shall provide to JHI the text of any disclosures required by Applicable Law to be provided to Customers. The results of such screening process shall be set forth in an electronic file and shall be presented in such form as JHI shall reasonably determine. Responsibility for the cost of activities undertaken pursuant to this Section 7.8 shall be determined by the mutual agreement of the parties.
Screening. This section is required for school, WIC, Head Start, child care settings, and some other programs. This section can provide valuable data for public heath personnel to track children's health. Please enter the date that the test was performed. Note if the test was abnormal or place an "N" if it was normal. • For lead screening state if the blood sample was capillary or venous and the value of the test performed. • For PPD enter millimeters of induration, and the date listed should be the date read. If a chest x-ray was done, record results. • Scoliosis screenings are done biennially in the public schools beginning at age 10. This form may be used for clearance for sports or physical education. As such, please check the box above the signature line and make any appropriate notations in the Limitation to Physical Activities block.