Quality Sample Clauses

Quality. All natural gas tendered to Pipeline for Customer's account shall conform to the quality specifications set forth in Section 5 of Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions. Customer agrees that in the event Customer tenders for service hereunder and Pipeline agrees to accept natural gas which does not comply with Pipeline's quality specifications, as expressly provided for in Section 5 of Pipeline's General Terms and Conditions, Customer shall pay all costs associated with processing of such gas as necessary to comply with such quality specifications. Customer shall execute or cause its supplier to execute, if such supplier has retained processing rights to the gas delivered to Customer, the appropriate agreements prior to the commencement of service for the transportation and processing of any liquefiable hydrocarbons and any PVR quantities associated with the processing of gas received by Pipeline at the Point(s) of Receipt under such Customer's service agreement. In addition, subject to the execution of appropriate agreements, Pipeline is willing to transport liquids associated with the gas produced and tendered for transportation hereunder.
Quality. The Customer Offerings and the Internal Systems are free from significant defects in design, workmanship and materials and conform in all material respects to the written Documentation and specifications therefor. The Customer Offerings and the Internal Systems do not contain any disabling device, virus, worm, back door, Trojan horse or other disruptive or malicious code that may or are intended to impair their intended performance or otherwise permit unauthorized access to, hamper, delete or damage any computer system, software, network or data. The Seller has not received any warranty claims, contractual terminations or requests for settlement or refund due to the failure of the Customer Offerings to meet their specifications or otherwise to satisfy end user needs or for harm or damage to any third party.
Quality. Grantor has used and will continue to use consistent standards of high quality (which may be consistent with Grantor's past practices) in the manufacture, sale, and delivery of products and services sold or delivered under or in connection with the trademarks, including, to the extent applicable, in the operation and maintenance of its merchandising operations, and will continue to maintain the validity of the trademarks.
Quality. The Contractor shall carry out and maintain effective quality assurance and, if requested, demonstrate this to the Principal. To this end, the Contractor shall use a quality assurance system with elements as per ISO 9000 ff. or a similar system of equivalent standard. The Principal shall have the right to inspect the Contractor’s quality assurance system with prior notice, either itself or through third parties commissioned by the Principal.
Quality. Producer represents and warrants that all Trucked Volumes delivered to an Approved SWD Vendor may lawfully be disposed of in Class II disposal wells. Midstream Co’s performance of Trucked Water Services for any Trucked Volumes that do not meet such requirement shall not relieve Producer from any liability for Producer’s breach of the foregoing representation and warranty nor serve as a waiver of any rights or remedies available to Midstream Co therefor.
Quality. All products provided by Contractor under this contract will be new and unused, unless otherwise stated. Factory seconds or remanufactured products will not be accepted unless specifically requested by the State. All products provided by Contractor must meet all federal, state, and local standards for quality and safety requirements. Products not meeting these standards will be deemed unacceptable and returned to Contractor for credit at no charge to the State.
Quality. All Raw Product delivered to Buyer under this Agreement shall meet the specifications governing the applicable Pipeline receipt point and shall not contain any contaminants that may make it or its NGL Components commercially unacceptable. Seller may be required, on Buyer's behalf as shipper, to furnish any Pipeline on which Raw Product is transported with a certificate setting forth the specifications of each shipment of Raw Product to be transported on such Pipeline. Seller acknowledges that any such Pipeline shall have the right to: (i) refuse to accept any Raw Product for transportation which do not meet such Pipeline's specifications or which are not of good and merchantable quality suitable for transportation through Pipeline's existing facilities, and (ii) sample and/or test any shipment of Raw Product prior to acceptance or during receipt of same, and in the event of variance between the Seller's certificate and the Pipeline's test, the latter shall prevail.