Quality Sample Clauses

Quality. The items must be in conformance with normal industry standards as specified within this Contract Award.
Quality. All products will be new and unused. All products provided by the Contractor must meet all federal, state, and local standards for quality and safety requirements. Products not meeting the requirements of this section will be deemed unacceptable and returned to the Contractor for credit at no charge to the State.
Quality. When requested by Xxxxx, Supplier shall promptly submit real-time production, compliance and process data (“Quality Data”) in the form and manner requested by Xxxxx. Supplier shall provide and maintain an inspection, testing and process control system (“Supplier’s Quality System”) covering the goods and services provided hereunder that is acceptable to Buyer and its customer and complies with Buyer’s quality policy, quality requirements in this Order and/or other quality requirements that are otherwise agreed to in writing by the parties (“Quality Requirements”). Acceptance of Supplier’s Quality System by Buyer does not alter Supplier’s obligations and/or liability under this Order, including, Supplier's obligations regarding its sub-suppliers and subcontractors. If Supplier’s Quality System fails to comply with the terms of this Order, Buyer may require additional quality assurance measures at Supplier’s expense necessary to meet Buyer’s Quality Requirements. Supplier shall keep complete records relating to Supplier’s Quality System, including all testing and inspection data and shall make such records available to Buyer and its customer for the longer of: (a) three (3) years after completion of this Order; (b) such period as set forth in the specifications applicable to this Order; or (c) such period as required by applicable Law. If Supplier is not the manufacturer of the goods, Supplier shall certify the traceability of the goods to the original equipment manufacturer on the certificate of conformance. If Supplier cannot certify traceability of the goods, Supplier shall not ship such goods to Buyer without obtaining Buyer’s written consent. Any review or approval of drawings by Buyer shall be for Supplier’s convenience and shall not relieve Supplier of its responsibility to meet all requirements of this Order.
Quality. We provide safe, high-quality care, constantly striving to innovate, improve and achieve trust in our care. Integrity – We bring honesty, collaboration and professionalism to everything that we do. Equity – We are passionate about fairness in healthcare for all Western Australians, especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people and communities. Curiosity – We continually enquire and seek to understand, using the best evidence, insight and research to improve care.
Quality. Unless otherwise modified elsewhere in these terms and conditions, the Contractor warrants that, for one year after acceptance by the State of the materials, they shall be:
Quality. All elements of the project are fit for purpose and relevant to each phase of the project. Meetings are conducted in a professional manner and withhold the standard of the Customers expectation Review of feedback to be provided from the departmental customer, internal stakeholders and the Customer 95% Failure to do so may result in suspension of the candidate and/or replacement candidates. Repeated occurrences may result in termination of contract.
Quality. 5.3.1 The Supplier shall at all times comply with the Quality Standards, and where applicable shall maintain accreditation with the relevant Quality Standards' authorisation body. To the extent that the standard to which the Services must be provided has not been specified in the Contract, the Supplier shall agree the relevant standard for the provision of the Services with the Customer prior to the supply of the Services commencing and in any event, the Supplier shall perform its obligations under the Contract in accordance with the Law and Good Industry Practice.
Quality. 9.1 To protect the interests of the Framework Public Bodies and their customers, it is imperative that the quality of service provided is of the highest order. To this end the Contractor will demonstrate a strong commitment to quality and to improving the quality of the services available to be delivered under this Framework Agreement throughout its duration.