Samples Sample Clauses

Samples. Physical examples of materials, equipment, or workmanship that are representative of some portion of the Work and that establish the standards by which such portion of the Work will be judged. The Contractor shall furnish for approval all samples required by the Contract Documents. The Work shall be in accordance with approved samples.
Samples. Samples of all masonry building units, except those for walls units. Samples of building units to be used in walls described as "load bearing" shall consist of 30 units from every 30 000 units delivered to site described as "load bearing", shall consist of a minimum of 6 FOUNDATIONS Brickwork of NFX bricks (14 MPa nominal compressive strength) in class I mortar 1 One brick walls m2 18 FACE BRICKWORK Face bricks (purchase price of R 5000.00/1000 delivered to site excluding VAT) pointed with flush horizontal and vertical joints: 2 Extra over brickwork for face brickwork in foundation m2 3 SUPERSTRUCTURE FACE BRICKWORK Face bricks (purchase price of R 5000.00/1000 delivered to site excluding VAT) pointed with flush horizontal and vertical joints: 3 Half brickwork for face brick walls pointed both sides m2 14 4 One brickwork for face brick walls pointed both sides m2 70 5 Extra over brickwork for face brickwork in beamfilling m2 4 6 Fair raking and cutting m 7 Carried Forward R Section No. 3 SMD2 Bill No. 3 MASONRY
Samples a. Standard Samples Bid Specifications may indicate that the Product to be purchased must be equal to a standard sample on display in a place designated by the Commissioner and such sample will be made available to the Bidder for examination prior to the opening date. Failure by the Bidder to examine such sample shall not entitle the Bidder to any relief from the conditions imposed by the Bid Specifications.
Samples. Physical examples that illustrate materials, products, equipment, finishes, colors, or workmanship and that, when approved in accordance with the Contract Documents, establish standards by which portions of the Work will be judged.
Samples. Physical examples which illustrate materials, equipment and workmanship and establish standards by which the Work will be judged.
Samples a) Samples of items may be required by the State for inspection and specification testing and must be furnished free of expense to the State. The samples furnished must be identical in all respects to the products bid and/or specified in the Contract.
Samples. Publisher shall provide to SCEA, at no additional cost, for SCEA's internal use, [*] sample copies of each Licensed Product. Publisher shall pay any manufacturing costs to the Designated Manufacturing Facility in accordance with Section 6.2, but shall not be obligated to pay royalties, in connection with such sample Units. In the event that Publisher assembles any Licensed Product using an alternate source, Publisher shall be responsible for shipping such sample Units to SCEA at Publisher's cost and expense. SCEA shall not directly or indirectly resell any such sample copies of the Licensed Products without Publisher's prior written consent. SCEA may give sample copies to its employees, provided that it uses its reasonable efforts to ensure that such copies are not sold into the retail market. In addition, subject to availability, Publisher shall sell to SCEA additional quantities of Licensed Products at the Wholesale Price for such Licensed Product. Any changes to SCEA's policy regarding sample Units shall be set forth in the SourceBook 2.
Samples a) When notified by the Purchaser to the supplier/ bidder/ selected bidder, Bids for articles/ goods marked in the BoM shall be accompanied by four sets of samples of the articles quoted properly packed. Such samples if submitted personally will be received in the office. A receipt will be given for each sample by the officer receiving the samples. Samples if sent by train, etc., should be despatched freight paid and the R/R or G.R. should be sent under a separate registered cover. Samples for catering/ food items should be given in a plastic box or in polythene bags at the cost of the bidder.