Inspections and Tests Sample Clauses

Inspections and Tests a. Receive and review all certificates of inspections, tests, and approvals required by Laws and Regulations or the Construction Contract Documents. Engineer’s review of such certificates will be for the purpose of determining that the results certified indicate compliance with the Construction Contract Documents and will not constitute an independent evaluation that the content or procedures of such inspections, tests, or approvals comply with the requirements of the Construction Contract Documents. Engineer shall be entitled to rely on the results of such inspections and tests.
Inspections and Tests. Landlord shall have access to, and a right, at its sole cost and expense and following written notice to Tenant, to perform inspections and tests of, the Premises to determine Tenant's compliance with Environmental Requirements, its obligations under this Section 28, or the environmental condition of the Premises. Access shall be granted to Landlord upon Landlord's prior notice to Tenant and at such times so as to minimize, so far as may be reasonable under the circumstances, any disturbance to Tenant's operations. Such inspections and tests shall be conducted at Landlord's expense, unless such inspections or tests reveal that Tenant has not complied with any Environmental Requirement, in which case Tenant shall reimburse Landlord for the reasonable cost of such inspection and tests. Landlord's receipt of or satisfaction with any environmental assessment in no way waives any rights that Landlord holds against Tenant. Tenant shall promptly notify Landlord of any communication or report that Tenant makes to any governmental authority regarding any possible violation of Environmental Requirements or release or threat of release of any Hazardous Materials onto or from the Premises or the Project. Tenant shall, within five (5) days of receipt thereof, provide Landlord with a copy of any documents or correspondence received from any governmental agency or other party relating to a possible violation of Environmental Requirements or claim or liability associated with the release or threat of release of any Hazardous Materials onto or from the Premises or the Project.
Inspections and Tests. The purchaser or his representative shall have access to the Contractor’s or Manufacturer’s work at any time during working hours for the purpose of inspecting and testing the materials during manufacturing of the materials / equipment and may select test samples from the materials going into plant and equipment. The inspections and tests may be conducted in the premises of the manufacturer/ supplier, at the point of delivery and/or at the final destination stores i.e. at the site. Where tests are conducted in the premises of manufacturer / supplier, all reasonable facilities and assistance including access to drawings and production data shall be furnished at no extra charge to the Purchaser. Should any inspected or tested materials fail to conform to specifications, the inspection officer may reject them and the Manufacturer / supplier shall either replace the rejected materials or make all alterations necessary to meet specification requirements free of cost to the Purchaser. The purchaser’s right to inspect, test and where necessary, reject the materials/ equipment after their arrival at the site, shall in no way be limited or waived by reason of the materials/equipment having been previously inspected, tested and passed by the purchaser or his representative prior to the dispatch The cost of making any test shall be borne by the contractor, if such test is clearly intended by or provided for in the contract.
Inspections and Tests. Inspections and tests shall be performed as specified in the Technical Specifications
Inspections and Tests. The Engineer and its sub-consultant shall make recommendations to the City regarding the advisability of requiring special inspections or testing of the Work and have authority to receive and review all certificates of inspections, tests, and approvals required by laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, codes, orders, or the Contract Documents to determine generally that their content complies with the requirements of, and the results certified indicate compliance with, the Contract Documents. An Allowance of $4,000 has been included in this Amendment.
Inspections and Tests. 26.1 The Supplier shall at its own expense and at no cost to the Procuring Entity carry out all such tests and/or inspections of the Goods and Related Services as are specified in the SCC.
Inspections and Tests. City shall have the right to inspect and/or test the Goods prior to acceptance. If upon inspection or testing the Goods or any portion thereof are found to be nonconforming, unsatisfactory, defective, of inferior quality or workmanship, or fail to meet any requirements or specifications contained in Exhibit “A,” then without prejudice to any other rights or remedies, City may reject the Goods or exercise any of its rights under Section 4.C. The inspection, failure to make inspection, acceptance of goods, or payment for goods shall not impair City’s right to reject nonconforming goods, irrespective of City’s failure to notify Contractor of a rejection of nonconforming goods or revocation of acceptance thereof or to specify with particularity any defect in nonconforming goods after rejection or acceptance thereof.
Inspections and Tests. The Dealer shall allow persons designated by the Company, at reasonable times and intervals and during normal business hours, to examine the DEALERSHIP FACILITIES and OPERATIONS, the Dealer's stocks of COMPANY PRODUCTS and used vehicles and vehicles at the DEALERSHIP FACILITIES for service or repair, to test the Dealer's equipment, to check and instruct the Dealer and his employees in the proper handling of warranty and other repairs and claims based thereon, and to examine, copy and audit any and all of the Dealer's records and documents. The Company may charge back to the Dealer all payments or credits made by the Company to the Dealer pursuant to such claims or otherwise which were improperly claimed or paid. CHANGES IN COMPANY PRODUCTS