Audit Sample Clauses

Audit. Notwithstanding any other audit requirement, H-GAC reserves the right to conduct or cause to be conducted an independent audit of any transaction under this Agreement, such audit may be performed by the H-GAC local government audit staff, a certified public accountant firm, or other auditors designated by H-GAC and will be conducted in accordance with applicable professional standards and practices. The Contractor understands and agrees that the Contractor shall be liable to the H-GAC for any findings that result in monetary obligations to H-GAC.
Audit. The state auditor may conduct an audit or investigation of any entity receiving funds from the state directly under the contract or indirectly through a subcontract under the contract. Acceptance of funds directly under the contract or indirectly through a subcontract under this contract acts as acceptance of the authority of the state auditor, under the direction of the legislative audit committee, to conduct an audit or investigation in connection with those funds. An entity that is the subject of an audit or investigation must provide the state auditor with access to any information the state auditor considers relevant to the investigation or audit.
Audit. Contractor agrees that the awarding department, the Department of General Services, the Bureau of State Audits, or their designated representative shall have the right to review and to copy any records and supporting documentation pertaining to the performance of this Agreement. Contractor agrees to maintain such records for possible audit for a minimum of three (3) years after final payment, unless a longer period of records retention is stipulated. Contractor agrees to allow the auditor(s) access to such records during normal business hours and to allow interviews of any employees who might reasonably have information related to such records. Further, Contractor agrees to include a similar right of the State to audit records and interview staff in any subcontract related to performance of this Agreement. (Gov. Code §8546.7, Pub. Contract Code §10115 et seq., CCR Title 2, Section 1896).
Audit. Consultant shall establish and maintain books, records, and systems of account, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, reflecting all business operations of Consultant transacted under this Agreement. Consultant shall retain these books, records, and systems of account during the Term of this Agreement and for five (5) years thereafter. Consultant shall permit the District, its agent, other representatives, or an independent auditor to audit, examine, and make excerpts, copies, and transcripts from all books and records, and to make audit(s) of all billing statements, invoices, records, and other data related to the Services covered by this Agreement. Audit(s) may be performed at any time, provided that the District shall give reasonable prior notice to Consultant and shall conduct audit(s) during Consultant’s normal business hours, unless Consultant otherwise consents.
Audit. Each Party has the right, at its sole expense and during normal working hours, after reasonable Notice, to examine the records of the other Party to the extent reasonably necessary to verify the accuracy of any statement, charge or computation made pursuant to this Agreement including amounts of Delivered Energy. If any such examination reveals any inaccuracy in any statement, the necessary adjustments in such statement and the payments thereof will be made promptly and shall bear interest calculated at the Interest Rate from the date the overpayment or underpayment was made until paid; provided, however, that no adjustment for any statement or payment will be made unless objection to the accuracy thereof was made prior to the lapse of twelve (12) months from the rendition thereof, and thereafter any objection shall be deemed waived.
Audit. NYSERDA shall have the right from time to time and at all reasonable times during the term of this Agreement and for the maintenance period set forth in Section 4.05 hereof to inspect and audit any and all books, accounts and records related to this Agreement or reasonably necessary to the performance of an audit at the office or offices of the Contractor where they are then being kept, maintained and preserved pursuant to Section 4.05 hereof. Any payment made under the Agreement shall be subject to retroactive reduction for amounts included therein which are found by NYSERDA on the basis of any audit of the Contractor by NYSERDA, the State of New York or an agency of the United States not to constitute an allowable charge or cost hereunder. Article V
Audit. The Contractor shall keep and maintain until 6 years after the end of the Contract Period, or as long as may be agreed between the Parties, full and accurate records relating to the Contract including the Goods or Services, all expenditure reimbursed by the Authority, and all payments made by the Authority. The Contractor shall on request provide to the Authority or the Authority’s Personnel such access to those records as may be requested by the Authority.
Audit. Cephalon shall be entitled to appoint, at its sole expense, a certified public accountant or other professional as appropriate (the “CPA Representatives”) to inspect, not more than once a Calendar Year, during normal business hours FBIO’s and its Affiliatesbooks and records contemplated by Section 5.11 above, including all books of account, records and other relevant documentation to the extent relevant or necessary for the sole purpose of verifying compliance with the payment and related obligations under this Agreement, the calculation of amounts due to Cephalon under this Agreement and of all financial information required to be provided in the Periodic Reports and Annual Reports, provided that Cephalon shall coordinate such inspection with FBIO or Affiliate (as the case may be) in advance. In addition, Cephalon may require that FBIO, through the CPA Representatives, inspect during normal business hours the books and records contemplated by Section 5.11 above, including all applicable books of account, records and other relevant documentation of any Sublicensees, not more than once a Calendar Year, to the extent relevant or necessary for the sole purpose of verifying the compliance with the payment obligations under this Agreement, the calculation of amounts due to Cephalon under this Agreement and of all financial information provided in the Periodic Reports, and FBIO shall use its best efforts to cause such inspection to be performed, provided that Cephalon shall coordinate such inspection with the Sublicensee in advance. The Parties shall reconcile any underpayment or overpayment within thirty (30) days after the CPA Representatives deliver the results of the audit to Cephalon and FBIO. The results of such inspection, if any, shall be binding on both Parties. Any underpayment shall be subject to interest in accordance with the terms of Section 5.14, below. Any overpayments shall be fully creditable against amounts payable in subsequent payment periods during the Term, or if such overpayments are identified following the Term, then such overpayments shall be refunded within sixty (60) days of receipt of the corresponding audit results. In the event that any inspection as aforesaid reveals any underpayment by FBIO to Cephalon in respect of any Calendar Quarter of the Agreement in an amount exceeding five percent (5%) of the amount actually paid by FBIO to Cephalon in respect of such Calendar Quarter, then FBIO shall pay the cost of such inspection. A...
Audit. Contractor must allow the JBE or its designees to review and audit Contractor’s (and any subcontractors’) documents and records relating to this Agreement, and Contractor (and its subcontractors) shall retain such documents and records for a period of four (4) years following final payment under this Agreement. If an audit determines that Contractor (or any subcontractor) is not in compliance with this Agreement, Contractor shall correct errors and deficiencies by the twentieth (20th) day of the month following the review or audit. If an audit determines that Contractor has overcharged the JBE five percent (5%) or more during the time period subject to audit, Contractor must reimburse the JBE in an amount equal to the cost of such audit. This Agreement is subject to examinations and audit by the State Auditor for a period three (3) years after final payment.
Audit. Enterprise Services reserves the right to audit, or have a designated third party audit, applicable records to ensure that Contractor has properly invoiced Purchasers and that Contractor has paid all applicable contract management fees. Accordingly, Contractor shall permit Enterprise Services, any Purchaser, and any other duly authorized agent of a governmental agency, to audit, inspect, examine, copy and/or transcribe Contractor’s books, documents, papers and records directly pertinent to this Master Contract or orders placed by a Purchaser under it for the purpose of making audits, examinations, excerpts, and transcriptions. This right shall survive for a period of six (6) years following expiration or termination of this Master Contract or final payment for any order placed by a Purchaser against this Master Contract, whichever is later; Provided, however, that if any litigation, claim, or audit is commenced prior to the expiration of this period, such period shall extend until all such litigation, claims, or audits have been resolved.