The Interconnection Customer Sample Clauses

The Interconnection Customer and the Participating TO shall each have the right, during normal business hours, and upon prior reasonable notice to the other Party, to audit at its own expense the other Party's accounts and records pertaining to either such Party's performance or either such Party’s satisfaction of obligations owed to the other Party under this LGIA. Subject to Article 25.3.2, any audit authorized by this Article shall be performed at the offices where such accounts and records are maintained and shall be limited to those portions of such accounts and records that relate to each such Party’s performance and satisfaction of obligations under this LGIA. Each such Party shall keep such accounts and records for a period equivalent to the audit rights periods described in Article 25.4.
The Interconnection Customer has proposed to construct a 20MW solar powered electricity generation facility (the “Small Generating Facility”) located in Selkirk in Albany County, New York. The Small Generating Facility will consist of: • eight (8) photovoltaic arrays; • eight (8) TMECI PVH-L2700GR 2.5MW/2.7MVA solar inverters; and • eight (8) 2.7MVA 34.5kV/600v delta – grounded wye pad mount transformers with integral disconnect and fuses. The transformers will be loop fed on a single 34.5kV circuit back to a collector substation (“Albany 2 Collector Substation”) using a mix of overhead and underground feeder lines (“Collection Feeder Lines”). The Point of Interconnection (“POI”) for the Small Generating Facility is at the Connecting Transmission Owner’s existing 115kV Long Lane – LaFarge Line 6 in the vicinity of structure 60, approximately 1.25 miles from the LaFarge Substation and 6.44 miles from the Long Lane Substation. The Point of Change of Ownership (“PCO”) is at the line side connection of the Interconnection Customer’s disconnect switch located on the terminal structure inside the Xxxxxx 0 Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx. B. INTERCONENCTION CUSTOMER’S INTERCONNECTION FACILITIES The Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities (“ICIF”) include all of the facilities between the Interconnection Customer’s side of the Point of Change of Ownership (“PCO”) and the Small Generating Facility, except the Connecting Transmission Owner-owned metering and telecommunications equipment described in Section C below. The ICIF will be located on property owned or leased by the Interconnection Customer. As depicted on the one-line diagram in Attachment 3, the ICIF consist of the following:
The Interconnection Customer is constructinghas constructed a 6.4 MW landfill gas-to- energy generation facility (the “Existing Facility”) located at the Chautauqua County landfill in Xxxxxx , New York, and interconnecting. The Existing Facility interconnects to the NG- NMConnecting Transmission Owner’s 34.5 xX Xxxxxxxxx-South Dow Line #859 (“Xxxxxxxxx- South Dow Line #859”) via a single breaker tap arrangement and 4.7 mile, 34.5 kV sub- transmission line (the “Chautauqua Line”), with distribution underbuild. The Existing Facility will consistconsists of: • Four (4-) Caterpillar Model 3520 Engines, 1.6 MW, 2 MVa, each of which has a reactive power capability to operate from a power factor range of 0.80 lagging to 0.90 leading, giving a gross plant reactive capability of +6.6 MVAR to -4.64 MVAR at the generator terminals;
The Interconnection Customer shall have the right to assign this Agreement, without the consent of the NYISO or Connecting Transmission Ownerother Parties, for collateral security purposes to aid in providing financing for the Small Generating Facility.
The Interconnection Customer and Niagara Wind Power shall, at itstheir own expense, maintain in force general liability insurance without any exclusion for liabilities related to the interconnection undertaken pursuant to this Agreement. The amount of such insurance shall be sufficient to insure against all reasonably foreseeable direct liabilities given the size and nature of the generating equipment being interconnected, the interconnection itself, and the characteristics of the system to which the interconnection is made. Such insurance coverage is specified in Attachment 7 to this Agreement. The Interconnection Customer and Niagara Wind Power shall obtain additional insurance only if necessary as a function of owning and operating a generating facility or interconnection facilities. Such insurance shall be obtained from an insurance provider authorized to do business in New York State where the interconnection is located. Certification that such insurance is in effect shall be provided upon request of the Connecting Transmission Owner, except that the Interconnection Customer and Niagara Wind Power shall show proof of insurance to the Connecting Transmission Owner no later than ten Business Days prior to the anticipated commercial operation date. An Interconnection Customer of sufficient creditworthiness may propose to self-insure for such liabilities, and such a proposal shall not be unreasonably rejected.

Related to The Interconnection Customer

  • Interconnection Customer (1) Interconnection Customer shall construct and, unless otherwise indicated, shall own, the following Interconnection Facilities: None

  • Interconnection Customer Authority Consistent with Good Utility Practice, this LGIA, and the CAISO Tariff, the Interconnection Customer may take actions or inactions with regard to the Large Generating Facility or the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities during an Emergency Condition in order to (i) preserve public health and safety, (ii) preserve the reliability of the Large Generating Facility or the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities,

  • Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities The Interconnection Customer shall design, procure, construct, install, own and/or control the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities described in Appendix A at its sole expense.

  • Interconnection Customer Compensation If the CAISO requests or directs the Interconnection Customer to provide a service pursuant to Articles 9.6.3 (Payment for Reactive Power) or 13.5.1 of this LGIA, the CAISO shall compensate the Interconnection Customer in accordance with the CAISO Tariff.

  • Interconnection Customer Obligations The Interconnection Customer shall at its own expense operate, maintain and control the Large Generating Facility and the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities in a safe and reliable manner and in accordance with this LGIA. The Interconnection Customer shall operate the Large Generating Facility and the Interconnection Customer’s Interconnection Facilities in accordance with all applicable requirements of the Balancing Authority Area of which it is part, including such requirements as set forth in Appendix C, Interconnection Details, of this LGIA. Appendix C, Interconnection Details, will be modified to reflect changes to the requirements as they may change from time to time. A Party may request that another Party provide copies of the requirements set forth in Appendix C, Interconnection Details, of this LGIA. The Interconnection Customer shall not commence Commercial Operation of an Electric Generating Unit with the Participating TO’s Transmission System until the Participating TO provides prior written approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, for operation of such Electric Generating Unit.

  • Interconnection Customer Drawings On or before the applicable date specified in the Milestones of the Interconnection Service Agreement, Interconnection Customer shall submit to the Interconnected Transmission Owner and Transmission Provider initial drawings, certified by a professional engineer, of the Customer Interconnection Facilities. Interconnected Transmission Owner and Transmission Provider shall review the drawings to assess the consistency of Interconnection Customer’s design of the Customer Interconnection Facilities with the design that was analyzed in the planning model as described in PJM Manuals. After consulting with the Interconnected Transmission Owner, Transmission Provider shall provide comments on the drawings to Interconnection Customer within forty-five (45) days after its receipt thereof, after which time any drawings not subject to comment shall be deemed to be approved. All drawings provided hereunder shall be deemed to be Confidential Information.

  • Interconnection Customer Provided Services The services provided by Interconnection Customer under this LGIA are set forth in Article 9.6 and Article 13.5.1. Interconnection Customer shall be paid for such services in accordance with Article 11.6.

  • Two-Way Interconnection Trunks 2.4.1 Where the Parties have agreed to use Two-Way Interconnection Trunks for the exchange of traffic between Verizon and ICG, ICG shall order from Verizon, and Verizon shall provide, the Two-Way Interconnection Trunks, and the Entrance Facility on which such Trunks will ride, and transport and multiplexing, in accordance with the rates, terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement and Verizon’s applicable Tariffs.

  • Interconnection Service Interconnection Service allows the Interconnection Customer to connect the Large Generating Facility to the Participating TO’s Transmission System and be eligible to deliver the Large Generating Facility’s output using the available capacity of the CAISO Controlled Grid. To the extent the Interconnection Customer wants to receive Interconnection Service, the Participating TO shall construct facilities identified in Appendices A and C that the Participating TO is responsible to construct. Interconnection Service does not necessarily provide the Interconnection Customer with the capability to physically deliver the output of its Large Generating Facility to any particular load on the CAISO Controlled Grid without incurring congestion costs. In the event of transmission constraints on the CAISO Controlled Grid, the Interconnection Customer's Large Generating Facility shall be subject to the applicable congestion management procedures in the CAISO Tariff in the same manner as all other resources.

  • One-Way Interconnection Trunks 2.3.1 Reconex shall provide its own facilities or purchase transport for the delivery of traffic to any Collocation arrangement it establishes at a Verizon-IP pursuant to the Collocation Attachment.