Supplied Sample Clauses

Supplied quantities of natural gas shall be confirmed by the Parties in the protocol (hereinafter referred to as the “Delivery and Acceptance Protocol”). The Delivery and Acceptance Protocol shall be agreed and signed by the representatives of both Parties at latest by the second working day following the end of each Gas Month wherein natural gas has been supplied under this Agreement. The Parties agree that Delivery and Acceptance Protocols shall be delivered between the Parties in the electronic form in pdf via email.
Supplied. Goods are charged and their price, payment due date, payment method and other necessary details shall be separately determined by Sharp. However, in the case Sharp exceptionally acknowledges the necessity, they can be provided free of charge.
Supplied. The facilities include utilities, grounding, weatherproofing, lightning, air-conditioning and site access. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. RF requirements and system - IWC should confirm and - LCS should confirm the RF design criteria specify the requirements for cabling design and other completing the system limitations to IWC. design, should LCS orders support services from IWC. - LCS is responsible for all RF design, installation of - IWC should specify the RF cable and accessories cabling/connection required for normal requirements for proper network operation. installation of IWC equipment. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Supplied. None of the information supplied or to be supplied by or on behalf of the Company for inclusion or incorporation by reference in the Schedule 14C information statement to be filed with the SEC and sent to the AQSP stockholders in connection with the AQSP Stockholder Approval Matters (including any amendments or supplements thereto, the “Information Statement”) shall contain any untrue statement of a material fact or omit to state any material fact necessary in order to make the statements made therein, in light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no representation or warranty is made by the Company with respect to statements made or incorporated by reference therein based on information that was not supplied by or on behalf of the Company.
Supplied. A waterproof splice kit shall be used for all splices and rated for the voltage that is -Provide conduit fill calculations per NEMA Requirements. -Ground wire (#8 AWG, insulated, colored green) shall be continuous throughout the traffic signal system and secured to all ground rods, cabinets at traffic signal basis. -Provide State EE numbers for all electrical items. -Use video detection with color cameras. No coaxial cable allowed. -“K” poles shall be used for all mast arms mounted with video detection cameras. -“T” poles shall be used in lieu of pedestrian standards when signal heads are mounted over eight-feet. -Provide a cabinet lock with the County standard lock, PELCO No. 9R-4B773. -Provide uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the traffic control signal. The UPS shall be designed to be capable to last four (4) hours of continuing full operation and an additional 24 hours of flash mode. -The designer is responsible for locating and identifying on a plan the horizontal and vertical clearances of the utility company’s primary (750 volts or more) and secondary power lines and assure that the minimum clearances are in accordance with the NEW JERSEY ADMINISTRATIVE CODE CHAPTER 25 UTILITY ACCOMMODATION, Section 16:25-5.3 (b). The designer coordinates the electrical design work with the present and future plans of the utility companies. All overhead and underground utilities must be shown on the plans. There shall be no conflicts with the lighting and traffic signal installation. -Provide elevations for all JB’s and FND’s. -All electrical equipment shall be new. -Traffic signal preemption requested by the Municipality shall be installed in a separate cabinet. -Indicator Light. Install a red LED light (0.75” - 1.50” in diameter) on the exterior of the controller cabinet to indicate the battery back-up is in use and loss of A.C. cabinet power. Illuminate indicator light when the battery back-up system is providing power to run the intersection. Turn off the light during normal A.C. power operation. Install the light at a point easily visible from a vehicle traveling on the main arterial of the intersection. Provide watertight seal. -Provide 30-Amp inlet for backup generator connection.
Supplied. Where any employee is required to wear any kind of uniform or coveralls as a condition of continued employment, such uniform or coveralls shall be furnished and maintained by the Company at no cost to the employee. No employee shall be disciplined or discharged for refusing to wear a uniform or coveralls that are not clean or do not fit properly or that do not bear a Union Label. However, the employee must furnish at his own expense suitable clothing, shoes, gloves and winter weather protective clothing in order to perform his job efficiently and safely, except as provided in Section 3 (a) and herein.
Supplied. Goods shall remain Seller’s property until fulfillment by Buyer of its payment obligations as described above. As such:
Supplied goods (“Goods under retention of title”) shall remain Sovitec’s property until fulfilment by Purchaser of its payment obligations as described above.
Supplied and controlled by the Licensee via his appointed Manager. The EBYC operates under a Full Club Licence, therefore ALL liquor on the premises must be Supplied and controlled by the Licensee via his appointed Manager. NO Alcohol is to be brought onto the property $500.00 Bond/Deposit will be retained by EBYC from any non-compliant functions .
Supplied. Pre-connected to the AED Type: Adult, pre-gelled, self-adhesive, disposable, non-polarized (identical pads can be placed in either position) defibrillation pads Shelf life: 2 years BATTERY Type IntelliSense® lithium battery Warranty: 1 year or 12 hours of use, whichever occurs first OPTIONS