Supply Sample Clauses

Supply. 14.4.1 Technical Data shall be supplied on-line and/or off-line, as set forth in Exhibit G hereto.
Supply. (a) The Parties shall endeavor in good faith to execute within [***] days after the Closing a supply agreement, in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Parties and with pricing and commercial terms reflecting the terms customarily pertaining to Seller’s armslength agreements for the supply of similar products, for the clinical products that Novartis elects to supply, and that Buyer elects to purchase from Novartis.
Supply a. Office facilities (which may be in USBGFS’, or an affiliate’s, or Fund’s own offices).
Supply. TRW hereby agrees to sell to Buyer and Buyer hereby agrees to buy from TRW, on and subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, the Products listed in Exhibit 1A.
Supply. (a) Subject to the provisions of Section 8.3, Schering shall purchase the Product from ICN, and ICN shall supply all of Schering's requirements of the Product (including, but not limited to, research and development requirements, including placebos, which shall be in accordance with reasonable procedures for ordering and production as agreed by the Parties) in finished bulk capsules, or bulk substance as necessary, subject to the terms and conditions of this Article 8. If at any time ICN experiences a shortage of Product supply and the available supplies are not sufficient to satisfy all of Schering's requirements for the Product in the Territory, ICN shall allocate its available worldwide supplies (including inventory in excess of customary supplies) equitably among its own requirements and Schering's, based on the purchasing history of such entities during the prior six-month period.