Human consumption definition

Human consumption means the use of water for drinking, bathing or showering, hand washing, oral hygiene, or cooking, including, but not limited to, preparing food and washing dishes.

Examples of Human consumption in a sentence

  • Human consumption guidelines have been in place for years such that only a few fish at most should be eaten every month.

  • Human consumption of striped bass from this estuary is discouraged as they are regarded as unsafe to eat.

More Definitions of Human consumption

Human consumption means to ingest, generally through the mouth, food, drink or other substances such that the substance enters the human body but does not include inhalation.¶
Human consumption means water used for drinking, bathing, cooking, dish washing, and maintaining oral hygiene or other similar uses.
Human consumption means the consumption of cannabis by a person through oral ingestion, absorption through the skin, inhalation through smoking, vaporization or other means.
Human consumption means water which is ingested, or absorbed into the body by dermal contact or through inhalation, except water which is used solely for fire or chemical emergencies.