Supplies Sample Clauses

Supplies. 1. Supplies are defined as consumable items necessary to carry out the services under this Contract including medical supplies, drugs, janitorial supplies, office supplies, patient educational supplies, software, and any items of tangible personal property other than those defined as equipment above.
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Supplies. Provision of ostomy and urostomy supplies is limited to a one-month supply every 30 days. Coverage is limited to $2,500 per calendar year, subject to applicable Copayments and Coinsurance. Items which are not medical supplies or which could be used by the Member or a family member for purposes other than ostomy care are not covered.
Supplies. Ostomy, urostomy and wound care supplies are covered when Medically Necessary. Items that are not medical supplies or that could be used by the Member or a family member for purposes other than ostomy care are not covered. Wound care supplies are covered as part of an approved treatment plan when one of the following criteria is met: treatment of a wound caused by, or treated by, a surgical procedure; or treatment of a wound that requires debridement. Services are subject to Limitations as described in Part X. LIMITATIONS OF COVERED MEDICAL SERVICES.
Supplies. Items which are not medical supplies, or which could be used by the Member or a family member for purposes other than ostomy care are not covered.
Supplies. All china, glassware and silverware, linens, uniforms, engineering, maintenance, cleaning and housekeeping supplies, matches and ashtrays, soap and other toiletries, stationery, menus, directories and other printed materials, and all other similar supplies and materials, which are located at the Hotel or ordered for future use at the Hotel as of the Closing (the “Supplies”);
Supplies. Where pursuant to or in connection with this Agreement, we make a supply to you for VAT purposes and VAT is or becomes chargeable on such supply, you shall on demand pay to us (in addition to any other consideration for such supply) a sum equal to the amount of such VAT and we shall on receipt of such payment provide you with an invoice or receipt in such form and within such period as may be prescribed by applicable law.
Supplies. The Carrier will furnish the Handling Company those items specific to its operation, such as, but not limited to, cabin appearance supplies, (i.e. safety cards, pillows and blankets), baggage tags, forms, ticket envelopes, tariffs, timetables, etc. Any materials or supplies provided to the Carrier by the Handling Company will be charged back to the Carrier at the Handling Company's replacement cost.
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Supplies. A. Principals and/or administrators in charge shall advise the faculty of the amount of funds available to the school for the purchase of supplies and materials. On or before a specific date to be established in each school, each teacher may submit in writing to the principal a suggested list of supplies and books for his/her pupils. Upon request, a teacher may review the actual order placed for textbooks and supplies.
Supplies. The Employer will maintain the appropriate supplies required to effectively operate the front-end checkouts. Such items will include pens, fatigue mats etc. as determined by the Employer.
Supplies. Title and disposition of supplies acquired by SUBGRANTEE or its subgrantee(s) with Subgrant funds shall be governed by the provisions of 45 CFR 75.321.
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