Where the term definition

Where the term spouse” or “partner” is used in this Agreement, it shall also mean same-sex spouse or partner including, but not limited to pension and benefits.
Where the term. Hospital" is used throughout this entire Collective Agreement, it shall mean St. Joseph's Health Care, and all outlying clinical areas, or any other extension of St. Joseph's Health Care.
Where the term spouse” or “partner” is used in this Agreement, it shall also mean same-sex spouse or partner including, but not limited to pension and benefits. employee may receive Short Term Disability benefits under the Plan. Payment of benefits to eligible employees is at the rate of sixty-six and two thirds percent (66 2/3%) of the employee’s normal wages up to the weekly EI (Employment Insurance) maximum. This plan shall become effective January 1, 2009

Examples of Where the term in a sentence

  • Where the term “days” is used in the Code or an International Standard, it shall mean calendar days unless otherwise specified.

  • Where the term Sub-contractor is used throughout the bid it refers to those specialized people who are not on the Contractor's payroll.

  • Where the term “business days” is used it shall mean business days of the State of Colorado.

  • Where the term “Contractor” appears in the following six nondiscrimination clauses, the term “Contractor” is understood to include all parties to Contracts or agreements with the Texas Department of Transportation.

  • Where the term Employer is used within this Agreement, and the context of such usage makes it appropriate and logical to regard this term as a reference to a person, as opposed to a legal entity, then such usage shall be considered to refer to an authorized representative of the Employer.

  • Where the term of service is less than twelve months, holidays and annual leave for pieceworkers shall be assessed and paid for pro-rata.

  • CLARIFICATION Where the term “contractor” appears in the following “Nondiscrimination Clauses”, the term “contractor” is understood to include all parties to contracts or agreements with the Secretary of Transportation, Kansas Department of Transportation.

  • Where the term "Engineer" is used in the Contract Documents, it shall be interpreted to mean "Project Officer".

  • Where the term “local authorities” is used in this code it should be taken as referring to both those categories of authority.

  • Where the term “whole-grain rich” appears in the specifications for any of the products listed below, whole-grain rich means the product must contain at least 51% whole grain flour.

More Definitions of Where the term

Where the term. Qualified" means financial statements which reflect the expenses and income of such system in a manner consistent with that used in financial reports of the Partnership for systems it has then been operating for at least one Fiscal Period.
Where the term agent" is required by law in the Territory in place of the term "Distributor", agent shall mean the agent appointed to represent Manufacturer in the Territory for sales and service of Manufacturer's manufactured goods. An agent is not authorized to act as a direct Manufacturer operation or to conduct business in Manufacturer's name as a principal.
Where the term algorithmic process” means a computational process, including one derived from machine learning or other artificial intelligence techniques, that processes personal information or other data for the purpose of determining the order or manner that a set of information is provided to a user of an online platform, including the provision of commercial content, the display of social media posts, or any other method of automated decision making, content selection, content recommendation, or content amplification.”

Related to Where the term

  • (E) The term “license” means a valid non-expired document issued by a licensing agency within the Department of Consumer Affairs or other state licensing office authorized to grant licenses and authorizing the bearer of the document to provide certain professional services or refer to themselves using a specified professional title including but not limited to mental health and board and care services at a residential placement. If a license is not available through an appropriate state licensing agency, a certificate of registration with the appropriate professional organization at the national or state level which has standards established for the certificate that are equivalent to a license shall be deemed to be a license as defined in Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations section 3001(l).

  • (iv) the term covered period’ means

  • (4) the term Secretary’ means the Secretary

  • (34) The term dehumidifier’ means a self-contained, elec- trically operated, and mechanically encased assembly consisting of—

  • (A) the term major disaster’ means any disaster or catastrophe declared or designated by any State or Federal agency or department;

  • (5) the term rural area’ means a city, town, or unincor- porated area that has a population of not more than 10,000 inhabitants.

  • (j) The term claimed invention’ means the subject matter defined by a claim in a patent or an application for a patent.’’.

  • (6) The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of

  • (15) The term serious bodily injury’ means

  • (C) the term affiliate’ means a company that, by reason of ownership or control of 25 percent or more of the outstanding shares of any class of voting securities of one or more companies, directly or indirectly, controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with, another company.’’.

  • (3) The term Treaty on Open Skies’ means the Treaty on Open Skies, signed at Helsinki on March 24, 1992.’’

  • (i) the term claimed invention’ means the subject

  • (12) The term Phase II’ means—

  • (11) The term health promotion’ means—

  • (9) The term economic impact’ means, with respect to a proposed or final rule—

  • (B) the term biomass’ means any organic matter that is available on a renewable or recurring basis, including agricul- tural crops and trees, wood and wood wastes and residues, plants (including aquatic plants), grasses, residues, fibers, and animal wastes, municipal wastes, and other waste materials.’’.

  • (7) The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of

  • (18) The term Service’ means the Indian

  • (1) The term contractor’ means a private entity that enters into a contract with an agency.

  • (16) The term data asset’ means a collection

  • (2) The term Director’ means the Director of

  • (22) the term jail or lockup for adults’ means

  • (20) The term commercial clothes washer’ means a soft- mount front-loading or soft-mount top-loading clothes washer that—

  • (14) The term supplement’ means a request

  • (17) The term Indian lands’ means—

  • (8) The term Secretary’ means the Secretary of Defense.