Student Exchanges Sample Clauses

Student Exchanges. Both universities will exchange postgraduate and undergraduate students. Each institution shall be responsible for the choice of students participating in the exchange, subject to final approval by the host institution. The participating students from both institutions shall pay enrolment fee to their home institution and then study at the other institution without further charges for tuition fees. However, small fees may be charged for costs such as insurance, student unions and bodies, and the use of miscellaneous material such as photocopies, laboratory products, on the same basis as these are charged to local students.
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Student Exchanges. All exchange students shall be bona fide students of the Home Institution and be engaged in a full-time degree-oriented course of study. No degree will be conferred on the exchange students by the Host Institution. In general, exchange students will be expected to undertake a full load of courses at the Host institution at a level equivalent to their level at their Home Institution, and will receive credit at their Home Institution for a full course load, contingent upon satisfactory performance in all courses. If requested and/or required, evaluation(s) of exchange student work will be forwarded from the Host Institution to the Home Institution as soon as practicable after an exchange student’s completion of their exchange program at the Host Institution.
Student Exchanges. 1. Both universities will exchange undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Student Exchanges. The Institutions may consider the development of opportunities for student exchanges relating to educational and cultural enrichment. These exchanges will follow the terms defined in a separate agreement.
Student Exchanges. 4.1. The University of Luxembourg and Derzhavin Tambov State University contemplate an exchange of students in the fields of interest to both Parties. These students will visit the other institution for one or two semesters. Exchange students will be Bachelor or Master students.
Student Exchanges. Each Party may propose and select up to two students (the "Students") each per term for participation in the exchange program established under this Agreement. Participants shall study in the academic disciplines of anthropology and archaeological studies. Any exchange will be subject to availability of funds and space, and to the mutual convenience of each Party. The Parties shall e11sure that the Students 011 behalf of each Party remain in approximate parity over the course of this Agreement.
Student Exchanges. 5.1 Scope of the Student Exchange Programme
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Student Exchanges. Both universities should endeavor to exchange undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students consistent with the strategic goals of this partnership, according to the following considerations: Each institution, must establish necessary student qualifications, language proficiency, or pre-requisite coursework or skills by mutual agreement. Each institution should be responsible for the choice of students participating in the exchange, subject to final approval by the host institution. The academic terms or dates of exchange may be limited or restricted at the respective institutions, and/or exchanges may be subject to different governing policies depending on term (for example, fee-waiver exchanges are not possible during summer terms at UC Xxxxx) Where feasible, exchanges should grant students fully-enrolled status, with access, instruction, grading, and support conferred as a regular student at that institution, especially at the undergraduate level. Other forms of non-credit or visiting exchange may be possible at the graduate level. Each institution may help in finding local accommodation for visiting students, however the cost of local accommodation should be the responsibility of and borne by the visiting students. Each participating student or his/her institution should be solely responsible for travel arrangements and the costs thereof. Each University may assist its students by providing specific scholarships, and each institution should require participating students to maintain and provide evidence of their own medical/health insurance. Students may also be required to provide evidence to the host institution that they are covered by general liability insurance during the period of the exchange. Full details of student exchange(s) should be documented and agreed upon in writing through a subsequent formal exchange agreement which includes, but is not limited to, the responsible faculty/departments, periods of review and criteria for continuation, the number of students to be exchanged per year in Full Time Equivalent (FTE), any limitations or restrictions to courses or areas of study, student qualifications, supplemental fees, any another academic or administrative policies that may apply.
Student Exchanges a. Student exchanges shall be on the basis of full reciprocity between the Parties for the entire duration of the present Agreement.
Student Exchanges. (1) NUMBER Each institution is prepared to send students and receive the equivalent number in exchange annually. Normally the exchange will involve a maximum of 2 students per academic year from each institution, or 4 students per semester from each institution.
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