Home Institution definition

Home Institution means the institution where the student is currently enrolled as a degree seeking student and may be eligible for financial aid at the same institution.
Home Institution means the university from which the Participant intends to graduate;
Home Institution means the university at which a student seeks a degree and intends to graduate and “host institution” shall mean the university which has agreed to receive students from the home institution.

Examples of Home Institution in a sentence

  • The Home Institution is responsible for verifying the eligibility of their Transient students.

  • Home Institution should get a confirmation email from the secretariat within 3 days after completion of submission.

  • Both the Home Institution and the Host Institution must be Eligible Postsecondary Institutions.

  • The Home Institution must maintain documentation of the student’s actual tuition charges for the Study Away program at the Host Institution.

  • At the time of disbursement, a current enrollment verification for the student from the Host Institution indicating the courses and number of hours must be on file with the Home Institution.

More Definitions of Home Institution

Home Institution means an Eligible Postsecondary Institution in which the student is Enrolled and is in a Matriculated status working toward a Degree, Diploma, or Certificate.
Home Institution means the institution at which the Exchange Student is registered as a full-time student and who sends the student to the Host Institution;
Home Institution means each institution that is assigned, in accordance with this policy, to a particular service area. There may be more than one home institution in a given service area.
Home Institution means the institution at which the exchange student(s) intend to graduate or from which the exchange is made, and “Host Institution” shall mean the institution which has agreed to accept the exchange student(s) from the Home Institution under this Agreement.
Home Institution means the institution that grants a certificate or degree upon the student’s
Home Institution. The institution where you are currently seeking a degree and from which you will receive federal financial aid. Boise State University College of Southern Idaho College of Western Idaho Number of credits to be taken at home institution:
Home Institution means the university/institution where a student is primarily enrolled and that sends a student to study abroad at the Host institution under this Agreement.