STUDENT Sample Clauses

STUDENT. I have retrieved a copy of Heritage Christian Academy’s Technology Acceptable Use Policy and have read the conditions for technology use. I hereby agree to comply with the conditions set in the Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that the unacceptable use of technology may result in suspension of my user account and disciplinary action in accordance with HCA’s policies. Student Name (print): Signature: Grade: Date __ Student Name (print): Signature: Grade: Date Student Name (print): Signature: Grade: Date Student Name (print): Signature: Grade: Date If the User is under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must also read and sign the agreement. ************************************************************************* PARENT OR GUARDIAN As the parent or guardian of the student named above, I have read a copy of the Technology Acceptable Use Policy. I understand the conditions outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy and disciplinary policies of Heritage Christian Academy. I accept responsibility for my child’s computer use at HCA. I recognize that access is designed for educational purposes and that HCA filters for inappropriate and offensive sites; but understand that no system is faultless and do not hold HCA responsible for materials acquired on the network. I give permission to issue a computer user account to my child. 🡺 Parent / Guardian name (please print): 🡺 Parent / Guardian Signature: Date: PICTURE RELEASE AGREEMENT We at Heritage would like to display special pictures throughout the year of our students and classes. We would like to post these pictures on the HCA Website and our private HCA Photobucket website for everyone to enjoy. HCA Photobucket is a private site only available to our students. Our school website,, is open to public viewing. We also would like to share videos of certain performances or activities at Heritage. To be able to post these on the school web site the video has to be processed through You-Tube and can be accessed there as well. Students may be pictured from a distance or in the background of a picture/video without parental permission. However, we must have parental permission to post close-up shots where an individual child is easily identified. No student’s last names will be posted with any pictures on, but can be posted with HCA Photobucket, since it is a private site. (We only work on Photobucket during the years we have adequate enrollment in the yearbook program.) Heritage is o...
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STUDENT. For the purpose of this Collective Agreement, the term Student shall mean a person who, except for summer vacation period or work study period, would normally be attending full time at High School, Vocational School, or University and taking subjects relating to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade. The intention of this clause is to enable the Employer to give practical experience during summer months to a person whose declared intention is to seek employment in the Trade upon graduation from school, and is not intended as a source of casual labour.
STUDENT. Unless otherwise specified, “student” shall mean any person enrolled as a student at a University and shall include any “cadet,” so called, at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy; and for the purposes of Article VII of this Agreement, a “full-time student” shall mean any student who, at the time of his/her selection to act in a representative capacity pursuant to the provisions of the said Article, is enrolled at a University in courses valued at not fewer than twelve (12) semester hours of credit per semester.
STUDENT. Use of the LLESD’s technology resources is a privilege that the LLESD extends to students in order to support and enrich their learning experiences. Students shall report alleged violations of the student obligations and responsibilities specified above, the applicable Acceptable Use Agreement, and any other misuse of technological resources to a member of the instructional staff, a supervising adult, or a designated LLESD employee. Student Name (please print): Grade: Birth Date: PARENT I have read the LLESD Internet Safety Policy & Student Acceptable Use Agreement for Technology. I have discussed this policy with my child and understand that he/she is required to follow the rules for acceptable use of technology. I understand that we will be liable for any violations of these rules, financially responsible for any damage to district resources, and that my child will be subject to potential disciplinary action for violating these rules and/or the policy as well as loss of access and user privileges. (Please ONLY check one box.) We, child and parent/guardian, accept this policy and agree to abide by its rules and mandates; our acceptance will allow the student (named above) to use District tech resources, computer hardware/software, networks and the Internet. We hold the LLESD and its officers, board members, employees and agents harmless from and against any and all liability, loss, expense or claim for injury or damages students may have arising out of the use of District tech resources. We, child and parent/guardian, do not accept this policy; we understand that the student named above will not be allowed to use District technology resources, computer hardware/software, networks and the Internet. Parent/Guardian Name (please print): Home Telephone: Parent/Guardian Signature Date Exhibit LAS LOMITAS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DISTRICT Version: June 12, 2013 Menlo Park, California Revised: December 14, 2016
STUDENT. TRANSPORTATION Dual Enrollment students are responsible for arranging and paying for transportation to and from LSSC as well as all other Dual Enrollment related transportation. Parents/guardians assume all financial responsibility and liability for Dual Enrollment related transportation.
STUDENT. A request for transfer to an apartment/room other than the original assignment may be made by Student using the following process:
STUDENT. STATUS *Student Explanation: ARE ALL OCCUPANTS FULL TIME STUDENTS? If yes, Enter student explanation* 1 AFDC / TANF Assistance (also attach documentation) 2 Job Training Program yes no 3 Single Parent/Dependent Child 4 Married/Joint Return Enter 1-5 5 Former Xxxxxx Care ** Upon recertification, household was determined over-income (OI) according to eligibility requirements of the program(s) marked above. See Part V above.
STUDENT. If a current student withdraws from JCU through the Withdraw/Leave of Absence process prior to move-in day, no housing charge will be assessed. If the decision to withdraw is made after move-in day, student will be charge a pro-rated amount based on the number of days in housing. Current students who request a release from housing due to participation in a university sanctioned internship or academic study abroad program will not be charged a cancellation fee.
STUDENT. Any employee currently enrolled in or intending at the end of the term of employment to enrol or re-enrol in either a secondary or post-secondary institute. Students shall only be entitled to vacation pay in accordance with the Collective Agreement. No seniority rights shall be recognized. No student shall be employed while any regular member of the bargaining unit is laid off. Students working in the Utilities Department are referred to clause 25.14.