STUDENT Sample Clauses

STUDENT. For the purpose of this Collective Agreement, the term Student shall mean a person who, except for summer vacation period or work study period, would normally be attending full time at High School, Vocational School, or University and taking subjects relating to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Trade. The intention of this clause is to enable the Employer to give practical experience during summer months to a person whose declared intention is to seek employment in the Trade upon graduation from school, and is not intended as a source of casual labour.
STUDENT. Any employee currently enrolled in or intending at the end of the term of employment to enrol or re-enrol in either a secondary or post-secondary institute. Students shall only be entitled to vacation pay in accordance with the Collective Agreement. No seniority rights shall be recognized. No student shall be employed while any regular member of the bargaining unit is laid off. Students working in the Utilities Department are referred to clause 25.14.
STUDENT. If a current student withdraws from JCU through the Withdraw/Leave of Absence process prior to move-in day, no housing charge will be assessed. If the decision to withdraw is made after move-in day, student will be charge a pro-rated amount based on the number of days in housing. Current students who request a release from housing due to participation in a university sanctioned internship or academic study abroad program will not be charged a cancellation fee.
STUDENT. Where a person is enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at the University, a fixed-term contract may be adopted as the appropriate type of employment and shall be for a period that does not extend beyond, or that expires at the end of, the academic year in which the person ceases to be a student.
STUDENT. I have read, understand and will abide by the terms and conditions for laptop and Internet usage. I further understand that any violation of the regulations in that document may result in the loss of all laptop privileges. Should I commit any violation, my laptop and Internet privileges may be revoked and school disciplinary action and/or other appropriate action may be taken. User’s Name (Print) User’s Signature: Date: PARENT/GUARDIAN As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the Terms and Conditions of Laptop and Internet Usage. I understand that the Quogue School District has taken precautions to limit access to controversial material, but I also recognize that it is impossible to exclude every occurrence of this material. I will not hold the Quogue UFSD responsible for materials acquired on the Internet or on the local area network in school. Further, I accept full responsibility for supervision of my child when the laptop is used at home. Note: It is suggested that parents monitor the sites that students visit by observation, questioning and checking the Site History recorded in the computer. Parent/Guardian Name (Print): Parent/Guardian Signature: Date: This form is to be submitted with the laptop loan agreement to receive your computer.
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STUDENT. I understand that the internet can connect me to much useful information stored on computers around the world; that the school cannot control what is on those computers and that a small part of that information can be illegal, dangerous or offensive.  While I have access to the internet I will use it only for education purposes.  I will not look for anything that is illegal, dangerous or offensive.  If I accidentally come across something that is illegal, dangerous or offensive I will  Clear any offensive pictures from my screen; and  Immediately, quietly inform my teacher.  I will not reveal home addresses or phone numbers – mine or anyone else’s.  I will not use the internet to annoy or offend anyone else.