Student Sample Clauses

Student. Any employee currently enrolled in or intending at the end of the term of employment to enrol or re-enrol in either a secondary or post-secondary institute. Students shall only be entitled to vacation pay in accordance with the Collective Agreement. No seniority rights shall be recognized. No student shall be employed while any regular member of the bargaining unit is laid off. Students working in the Utilities Department are referred to clause 25.14.
Student. Mr □ Miss □ First Name: Surname: Date of Birth: Tutor Group: Student Declaration: Please read and sign I agree to take part in work experience with enthusiasm, a sensible attitude and courtesy for all other workers, customers and members of the public at all times. I will hold all information I gain about the organisation, it’s customers, associates and suppliers in confidence unless given specific permission to share certain areas of knowledge. I will act as a junior employee during this week and will follow all the organisation’s rules. I will have a strong regard for my own and others safety and will use safety equipment required. If I have any concerns or issues at work I will tell my supervisor immediately. I will carry out preparation work before I start my week of work experience. I have the following difficulties that the employer may need to take into consideration when creating a work programme for me – Student to sign: Date: Organisation Name: Contact Details for Correspondence Title: Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Other: First Name: Surname: Tel: Mobile: E-mail: Postal Address: Post Code: Contact Details for Main Supervisor/Manager This is the address where the student will actually be working or based: These details will be used to send out the pre-placement letter, reference form and for monitoring the student whilst on placement. If this is the same person as for correspondence, leave blank. Title: Mr/Mrs/Ms/Dr Other: First Name: Surname: Tel: Mobile: E-mail: Postal Address: Post Code: Students Role: e.g. Teaching Assistant, Shop Assistant Students Job Description Please list the expected tasks Hours to be worked: The student can work up to 40 hours during work experience week, between 6 or 7am and 10 or 11pm. A 30 minute break is required if working more than 4½ hours. Please set hours to suit the type of business and the staff who will be supervising the student creating a balance for an interesting but accurate and worthwhile experience. Start: Break: Lunch: Finish
Student. Where a person is enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student at the University, a fixed-term contract may be adopted as the appropriate type of employment and shall be for a period that does not extend beyond, or that expires at the end of, the academic year in which the person ceases to be a student.
Student. Student employees are persons hired during the period April 15th to September 30th and who are students at a school, college, university or other educational institution prior to becoming employed by the Corporation and, who are intending to return to school at the end of the vacation period. Student employees shall not accumulate seniority or sick leave credits. Students hired during the school vacation period will be terminated from the employ of the Corporation no later than September 30th. Students shall not be hired when employees from within the section have been laid off or have been bumped into a part-time position. Student employees will have no access to the grievance procedure. Students shall not be allowed to bid on internal postings. Students shall not be entitled to any Health and Pension benefits as per Articles XXVII and XXVIII and Sick Leave benefits as per Article
Student. It is the policy of the University to provide jobs for students to assist them in obtaining an education. It is the intent of the University to use student employees to supplement and not displace the regular work force.
Student. Discipline‌ Board Policy 5500 related to student discipline will be distributed and discussed at a staff meeting each year. Each school will have a written plan in place outlining how student discipline will be handled. The plan will include procedures to be followed when there are discipline problems and the principal is out of the building.