Stewardship Sample Clauses

Stewardship. The efficient and effective management of the public funds that have been entrusted to the FHWA.
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Stewardship. The long-term success of the Chesapeake Bay restoration effort will depend on local leadership—and local action that depends primarily on a strong citizen stewardship. More than 600 local conservation and watershed organizations in our region are educating and empowering citizens to restore and protect their local streams and rivers. Tens of thousands of local citizen volunteers continue to donate their time and talent to our shared goals. Building a larger, broader, and more diverse constituency of stewards is vital to achieving many of the Goals and Outcomes outlined in this Agreement. GOAL: Increase the number and the diversity of local citizen stewards and local governments that actively support and carry out the conservation and restoration activities that achieve healthy local streams, rivers and a vibrant Chesapeake Bay.
Stewardship. The stewards shall have super seniority with respect to all other unit employees in regard to the following:
Stewardship. Grower acknowledges receipt of the applicable Attribute® Grower Guide (“Stewardship Guide”) which is incorporated herein by this reference and may be updated from time to time and found at xxxx:// under the “Insect Protection” tab. Xxxxxx agrees to periodically check the website for the current Stewardship Guide and to read and comply with the then current Stewardship Guide. If Grower uses any Licensed Technology after Syngenta’s release of a new version of the Stewardship Guide or Stewardship Agreement then Growers use shall be deemed an acknowledgement of receipt and agreement to comply with the then current: (i) Stewardship Guide,
Stewardship. We believe that we must be good stewards of our ministry’s programs, funds and resources, as well as our personal time, talent and treasures.
Stewardship. We are accountable for the wise use of the church’s resources, both human and material, therefore the church should be an intentional xxxxxxx in the raising and the expenditure of funds, and the pastor should be an intentional xxxxxxx in the use and renewal of his/her life in ministry.
Stewardship. In September 2004, Governor Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx launched the California Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Initiative to develop a network of marine protected areas off the coast of California. The MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force, composed of prominent state policy makers, was assembled to guide this Initiative. The Task Force has developed a Master Plan Framework for MLPA implementation statewide and has recommended several alternative packages of marine protected areas to the state. The California Watershed Management Memorandum of Understanding was signed in November 2004. An action plan to protect priority watersheds is currently being implemented. California is developing the Coastal Sediment Management Plan to address coastal erosion and port sediment management issues with a work group of federal and state government agencies. This plan will help the state more effectively manage coastal sediments by evaluating major sections of the coast and inland watersheds, instead of merely focusing on localized case-by-case issues.
Stewardship. Contractor shall exercise all reasonable diligence and shall be in conformance with all regulatory requirements to perform all work in a manner that will prevent pollution or contamination to soil, air, and water. Waste Management Plan Contractor shall have a waste management system or plan in effect during the provision of the Work for all wastes created as a direct result of use or operation of items provided by Contractor. The system or plan shall address, at a minimum, reduction/minimization, collection, storage, and disposal. All actions called for in the system or plan shall be in compliance with all laws, regulations, conventions, and protocols applicable to the Contractor’s operation in the area in which the Work is performed. The plan must be endorsed by Company and a copy must be provided to Company prior to commencement of Work. Training Contractor shall ensure that all Contractor personnel are trained and familiar with, and experienced in, all environmental matters and procedures relating to their roles and responsibilities in providing the Work. Contractor shall make available to Company documentation of Contractor’s training program and measures taken to ensure that all Contractor personnel have received appropriate training. At Company’s request, Contractor shall provide to Company documentation confirming training of Contractor personnel. Reports and Documents Contractor shall make available to Company all reports and documents pertaining to the environment or waste management that Contractor is required to maintain. Upon request, Contractor shall provide to Company copies of any such reports or documents. Notification of Environmental Hazards or Non-Compliance Contractor shall notify Company immediately of any situation where there is the risk of pollution or there are any incidents of non-compliance with the terms of these HSE requirements. Use of Environmentally Acceptable Materials Contractor shall use products, substances, equipment, and materials that are designed for minimal environmental impact.
Stewardship. Grower agrees to read and comply with the provisions of the most current Syngenta Stewardship Guide (“Stewardship Guide”), as it may be unilaterally amended by Syngenta from time to time via paper or electric means or by modification to, or such other website as Syngenta may designate from time to time (the “Agrisure Website”), which is incorporated into and is a part of this Agreement. Syngenta may also unilaterally amend this Agreement to add or remove technologies included in the Licensed Technologies and to modify to the lists of Patents (as defined below) and third party licensors by modification of the form Syngenta Seeds, LLC, Stewardship Agreement on the Agrisure Website. Grower’s use of the Licensed Technologies after posting of such form or Stewardship Guide further confirms Grower’s agreement and commitment to be bound by the new form of agreement and Stewardship Guide. This Agreement, once signed by Grower and provided to Syngenta, will remain in effect until terminated by Grower or Syngenta. This Agreement (including the most current Stewardship Guide and form), together with the terms on the label of packaging containing Seed Products, constitute the entire agreement between Grower and Syngenta regarding the subject matter hereof and all prior negotiations and understandings between the Grower and Syngenta with respect to such subject matter are hereby superseded. Any prior stewardship agreements between Grower and Syngenta are hereby superseded. GROWER’S LIMITED USE LICENSE(S) Grower acknowledges that the Herculex Technologies and E3 Technologies are protected under one or more of the following U.S. patents and patent applications: 6,573,240; 6,737,273; 6,218,188; 5,538,880; 5,538,877; 5,489,520; 5,550,318; 5,484,956; 5,919,675; 6,331,665, 5,510,474; 6,020,190; 6,127,180; 6,548,291; 6,624,145; 6,340,593; 6,893,872; 6,083,499; 6,900,371; 6,943,282; 8,283,522; 8,916,752; 10,167,483; 8,460,891; 9,371,394; 9,540,655; 17/0211087; 10,400,250 and 16/434,995 (collectively referred to as the “DAS Patents”). Grower acknowledges that the Genuity RR2Y Technologies,RR2 Xtend Technologies and YieldGard VT Pro Technologies are protected under one or more of the following U.S. patents: 5,717,084; 5,728,925; 6,660,911; 6,949,696; 7,141,722; 7,608,761; 7,632,985, 7,812,224; 7,838,729; 7,884,262; 8,119,380; 8,501,407; 8,629,323 RE 39,247; 8,062,840; 8,581,047; 9,428,765; 10,006,046; 8,034,997 and 8,344,207 (collectively referred to ...
Stewardship. This quarter, a two-year cost extension was approved by USAID for the SIDHAS project. This extends the project period of performance from September 12, 2011 through September 11, 2018, with total estimated funding of $448,350,899. In line with this approval, the SIDHAS team commenced development of modifications for project sub awardees whose subcontracts were originally slated to terminate in June 2015 to align implementation timeframes and obligate additional funding for continued implementation of project activities through September 2018. Hygeia Foundation, the contractor managing private for-profit facilities in Rivers State, notified SIDHAS management of its decision to opt out of the SIDHAS project effective June 30, 2015 due to strategic business decisions made by its Board of Directors. In addition, the Evidence to Action (E2A) project, implemented by Pathfinder International, transitioned private health facilities to SIDHAS in the scale-up LGAs as part of its closeout activities in accordance with the directives from USAID. Two batches of training were conducted for State Management Teams (SMT) on leadership and governance this quarter. The primary objective of the Leadership and Governance Training was to enhance capacity of key stakeholders on leadership and governance in HIV/AIDS programming, and to design a sustainability roadmap for implementation of the SIDHAS project as it enters into its final phase. The first batch took place in Abuja from May 10 – 12, 2016 with participation from Kano, Jigawa, Borno, Bauchi, Adamawa, and Yobe States. The second batch held in Lagos from May 17 – 19, 2016 for stakeholders from Lagos, Edo, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Bayelsa, Rivers and Anambra states A total of 78 participants comprised of the Honourable Commissioners for Health, Permanent Secretaries, XXXX XX/Executive Secretary/Program Managers, and the SASCP Coordinators from the supported states were in attendance. Communiques seeking to increase government funding and ownership of the HIV programs in the supported states were developed from the meetings and signed by all the CoH for presentation to the respective state governors. During the quarter, sustainability roadmap development meetings were held in 11 of the 13 supported tertiary hospitals. These facilities did not participate in previous state level sustainability roadmap meetings owing to their reporting structures. The roadmaps for the tertiary facilities, when finalized, are expected to be end...