Additional Time Sample Clauses

Additional Time. If because of events beyond the Design Professional’s reasonable control, it is not able to meet the specified time period, then it should be entitled to ask the Owner for additional time, which request shall not be unreasonably denied.
Additional Time. At the elementary level, when a teacher covers a class the 11 teacher will be compensated at the regular rate calculated to the minute based on 12 the length of the period covered.
Additional Time. Executive agrees that the period during which the covenants contained in this Section 9 will be effective will be computed by excluding from such computation any time during which Executive is in violation of any provision of this Section 9.
Additional Time. Additional hours may be requested by the employer with mutual agreement between the employee and immediate supervisor. The time will be paid out at a rate of 1.5 the employee’s regular salary if the hours exceed eight hours per day or forty hours per week. The employee will have the option to bank time in lieu hour for hour or in the case of overtime hours at a rate of 1.5 hours for every hour worked. Time must be taken at a three (3) hour minimum if it involves the hiring of a substitute. The time will be approved pending operational feasibility and any hours not accessed will be reconciled at the end of June for academic year employees and at the end of August for calendar year employees.
Additional Time. Additional time for Computer Technicians shall be offered on a school-year continuous rotating basis beginning with the Computer Technician with the most seniority.
Additional Time. Depending upon exceptional circumstance in an individual case, an employee may be excused for such additional time as may be needed to enable him or her to vote, depending upon the particular circumstances in his or her individual case, but not to exceed a full day.