THE PATENTS Sample Clauses

THE PATENTS. 4.1. During the life of this Agreement Licensor in its sole discretion shall decide what steps shall be taken to obtain patents that have been applied for and to maintain the patents already granted. All costs connected with the maintenance and issuance of patents shall be paid by Licensor.
THE PATENTS. The original patent application, any patents resulting from said original patent application either directly or indirectly, and any other patent applications or patents granted on The Inventions will be referred to herein as "The Patents".
THE PATENTS. 14.1 DISTRIBUTOR agrees that any Products distributed, promoted, marketed and sold by it will be marked with a notice of patent rights to be provided in due time by HHC, if necessary or required by applicable law to enable the Patents to be enforced to the maximum degree.
THE PATENTS. the Know-How;
THE PATENTS the Applications and the Future Patents shall be held and enjoyed by Assignee, for Assignee’s own use and benefit, and for Assignee’s legal representatives and assigns, to the full end of the term or terms of the Patents and the Future Patents, as fully and entirely as the same would have been held by Assignor had this assignment and sale not been made; and for the aforesaid consideration, Assignor hereby covenants, agrees and undertakes to execute promptly or cause to be executed promptly, whenever requested by Assignee, all patent applications, assignments, lawful oaths and any other papers which Assignee may deem necessary or desirable for securing to Assignee or for maintaining for Assignee all of the Patents, the Applications and the Future Patents hereby assigned or agreed to be assigned, all without further compensation to Assignor, but at the reasonable and pre-approved cost and expense of the Assignee, its successors, legal representatives, and assigns. It is agreed that Assignor shall be legally bound, upon request of Assignee or its successors or assigns or a legal representative thereof, to supply all information and evidence of which the undersigned has knowledge or possession, relating to the making and practicing of the Patents and to testify in any legal proceeding relating thereto without further compensation to Assignor, but at the reasonable and pre-approved cost and expense of the Assignee, its successors, legal representatives, and assign.
THE PATENTS. The Seller is the owner of the Patents and has not granted, and there are no outstanding, any options, licenses, or agreements of any kind relating to the Patents. The Seller is not, and the Purchaser as a result of this transaction will not become, subject to any obligation to pay any royalties or other similar obligation to third parties with respect to the marketing, sale or distribution, manufacture, license, or use of any products in connection with the Business or the use of any of the Assets. To the best of Sellers knowledge, the Business has not infringed on the rights of any third party and Seller has not received any communication alleging that Seller or its predecessors have infringed or, by conducting the Business has infringed, any of the rights of any third party. Seller has not filed any patent application or made any filings with the USPTO which is not disclosed in Exhibit A.
THE PATENTS. 3.1 The Licensor shall not amend the specification of the Patents without the p or approval writing of the Licensee which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld.
THE PATENTS. At the Closing, the Company and the Buyer will enter into and deliver a license agreement in form and content reasonably satisfactory to Buyer and the Company (the “License Agreement”).
THE PATENTS. 13.1 Both Parties acknowledge and confirm that they are not aware of any Patents being or to be transferred or involved for the purpose of this Agreement.