Personal Time definition

Personal Time means leave with pay for personal business including, but not limited to, use for religious observance, attendance at funerals, necessary absences due to extraordinary weather conditions, attendance at conventions other than on required business, personal or family business appointments and similar reasons.
Personal Time means the time allotted to an employee, during a regular scheduled work day, to be used as the employee deems necessary.

Examples of Personal Time in a sentence

  • Staff members may use Sick Time or Personal Time to take time off to take care of children or other family members.

  • Personal Time or Vacation Time can be used for self-care needs as appropriate.

More Definitions of Personal Time

Personal Time means time during breaks, lunch, and/or before and after work, as defined by Auditor’s Office administrative rules and Division work rules.
Personal Time means outside the work schedule of a Bank Personnel, determined in accordance with Staff Rule 2.01 and its related Administrative Guidance.
Personal Time. Permitted a maximum of 4 hours, including travel time, one time per week, between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm.
Personal Time. Permitted a maximum of 4 hours, including travel time, one time per week, between the hours of 8:00am and 7:00pm. ______ All allowable activities are at the discretion of AEMP and activities may be revoked at any time. ______ I understand that when I leave my home I must immediately and directly report to my authorized destination, and return immediately home when my business at this location is completed. ______ I understand that there are special holiday restrictions on all activities/outings. I will be notified in writing prior to each holiday of these restrictions. ______ I understand that I am required to report to the offices of AEMP at a minimum of every two weeks. I understand that these appointments are required, and if I do not abide, I can be violated from the program. AEMP reserves the right to require any client to report to the office on a more frequent basis. ______ I understand that I must spend a MINIMUM of six (6) consecutive hours within a twenty four (24) hour period in my home, regardless of employment. I am not permitted to work more than eighteen (18) hours in a twenty-four (24) hour period, including travel time. ______ I understand that I am not permitted to be away from my home for more than twenty-four
Personal Time means the time outside the regular work-hours of a business day, a nonbusiness day or a day for which the officer or employee had prior approval for a leave of absence.
Personal Time. A Non-Platoon Firefighter on 4x10 shift is eligible for 40 hours of personal time in any 12 month period subject to the approval of the Hanford Fire Department Chief or his delegate or a Workforce Services Representative. Death in the Family: A Non-Platoon Firefighter is eligible for up to 40 hours paid time off in any 12 month period for absences due to a death in the family. Holiday: A Non-Platoon Firefighter on 4x10 shift is eligible for ten holidays (100 hours) per year. Included in the ten (10) holidays a year is one floating holiday to be selected by the employee. The holiday must be approved in advance by management.

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