Waste Management Plan definition

Waste Management Plan means a waste management plan required by the municipality in terms of this by-law and NEM:WA;
Waste Management Plan means a waste management plan or a hazardous waste management plan within the meaning of the Act of 1996 that is for the time being
Waste Management Plan. (WMP) shall mean a plan intended to coordinate the collection, transport, processing or disposal, managing and monitoring of waste materials.

Examples of Waste Management Plan in a sentence

  • The previous permitting action authorized the Town to receive and introduce into the waste water treatment process a maximum of up to 10,000 gallons per day (GPD) of transported wastes from local septage haulers based on an updated Transported Waste Management Plan submitted as an exhibit to it’s April 2010 application for permit renewal.

  • Industrial Location/G.S. 143-318.11(a)(4) PUBLIC HEARING\TEN YEAR SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN Chairman Washburn opened the public hearing to receive comments on an update of the Ten Year Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan that will include the Solid Waste Management Plan for each municipality in the county.

  • The Northwest Territories Power Corporation (NTPC) has prepared this Waste Management Plan (WMP) for their Snare Lake Hydroelectric Facility (the Facility) located on the South shore of Big Spruce Lake, Northwest Territories.

  • Waste Management Plan: Submit plan within 7 days of date established for the Notice to Proceed.

  • One copy of the inventory shall be provided to the commission and to the chief planning official of each municipality and county in which a unit is located; and☒ (vi) developing a guidance document to review MSW registration and permit applications to determine conformance with the goals and objectives outlined in Volume II: Regional Solid Waste Management Plan Implementation Guidelines as referenced in 30 TAC §330.643.

More Definitions of Waste Management Plan

Waste Management Plan means a plan prepared in accordance with the waste management guidelines that deals with waste minimisation and published on the Council’s website.
Waste Management Plan. ’ - means a document/statement (sample forms are available from Council) which indicates:-
Waste Management Plan means a waste Management Plan prepared by a Harbour Operator in accordance with the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Port Waste Reception Facilities) Regulations 2003/1809;
Waste Management Plan means the waste management plan referred to in sub-section (3) of section 34;
Waste Management Plan means a waste management plan required by the Council in terms of this By-law and NEMWA;
Waste Management Plan means a plan referred to in CHAPTER 3 of these by-laws;
Waste Management Plan means a completed City-provided form submitted before the issuance of a building and/or demolition permit, approved by the Community Development Department for the purpose of compliance with this Chapter.