Statement of Grievance Sample Clauses

Statement of Grievance. (Briefly describe the alleged event(s), situation(s) or act(s) in violation of the above indicated contract provision(s). It is understood that the grievance may include but is not limited to the information provided.) Remedy sought: I will be represented in this grievance by (check one): Myself AFT-Oregon, Local 2278 Xxxxxxxx's signature Date APPENDIX C: Notice of Intent to Arbitrate Form‌ NOTICE OF INTENT TO ARBITRATE FORM The American Federation of Teachers, Western Oregon University, Local 2278 hereby gives notice of its intent to proceed to arbitration concerning the grievance of dated which was not resolved satisfactorily at Step Two of the grievance procedure. The following statement of the issue to be presented for arbitration is proposed: Authorized Representative, Date American Federation of Teachers, Western Oregon University, Local 2278 I hereby authorize the American Federation of Teachers, Western Oregon University, Local 2278 to proceed to arbitration with my grievance. I understand and agree that by filing this notice I hereby waive any rights concerning review or appeal of the decisions as Steps One and Two of the grievance procedure by the President, or judicial review as a contested case under the Administrative Procedures Act (ORS Chapter 183). I hereby authorize the Union and the University, or its representatives, to use copies of material in my personnel file which are pertinent to this grievance and to furnish copies of the same to the arbitrator. Xxxxxxxx's signature Date APPENDIX D: Donated Leave Bank Enrollment FormARTICLE 25 DONATED LEAVE BANK APPLICATION FOR ENROLLMENT FORM Employee Name: Date of Request: _ Department: Position: _ Hire Date: Phone Number: _ I hereby request enrollment for membership in the Western Oregon University Donated Leave Bank effective immediately. I understand that my membership in the Donated Leave Bank is subject to the terms and conditions of the collective bargaining agreement with the Union, Donated Leave Bank, and that by signing this application form, I agree to be governed by said Administrative Policy. I further authorize the Human Resources Office to deduct 8 hours of sick leave annually from my accrual account. I understand that, to continue enrollment in the Donated Leave Bank, I must donate the minimum amount of leave time determined as necessary to maintain the Leave Bank whenever there is a call for donations. This authorization shall continue from year to year unless and until I provi...
Statement of Grievance. 3. Contract Section Allegedly Violated, Misinterpreted, or Misapplied:
Statement of Grievance. 4. State Relief Sought:
Statement of Grievance. The Musician must set out, in a written statement, his/her grievance and send the statement to his/her head of department/relevant Manager/Contractor (or, where that person is the subject of the grievance, that person’s line manager). The Musician will be invited to attend a meeting in order to discuss the grievance.
Statement of Grievance. Formal: Level 1 Statement of Facts giving rise to grievance (be specific): Statement of Grievance: (make specific references to provisions of Negotiated Agreement, state regulation, contract, or board policy) Relief Sought: Signature of Grievant Date written grievance was delivered to Principal Date of Principal’s response (must be within 10 days of receipt) Principal’s Response: Signature of Principal Xxxxxxxx’s Response: *If grievance is a result of action by the superintendent, go to Level Three, then to Level Two. Form 2
Statement of Grievance must cite the specific Articles and Sections of the Agreement allegedly violated and the specific acts or omissions giving rise to the allegations: REMEDY SOUGHT: