Statement of Grievance Sample Clauses

Statement of Grievance. The grievance shall contain a statement of:
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Statement of Grievance. 3. Contract Section Allegedly Violated, Misinterpreted, or Misapplied:
Statement of Grievance. The party claiming to be aggrieved shall furnish to the other party a written statement of the grievance identifying any witnesses or documents then reasonably known to that party that support the grievance and the relief requested or proposed.
Statement of Grievance. 12:03 The statement of grievance submitted by the Union or Employer, and signed by the grievor(s), must contain the following: date of filing, nature and type of grievance (e.g., hiring, group, individual, policy), the article(s) of the collective agreement alleged to have been violated, a statement of the particular facts relevant to the grievance, including dates, and the remedy sought. The grievance must be set out in a manner which is clearly identified as a grievance. Copy to Labour Relations
Statement of Grievance. This statement shall be a clear, concise statement of the grievance, the contract provisions allegedly violated, the circumstances involved, the decision rendered at the informal conference, and the specific remedy sought. (Use back if needed) _ __ _ Signature of Grievant Date of Signature LEVEL 1: DECISION OF SUPERVISOR _ __ _ Signature of Supervisor Date of Signature LEVEL 2: DECISION OF SUPERINTENDENT OR DESIGNEE _ __ _ Signature of Superintendent or Designee Date of Signature LEVEL 3: DECISION OF THE MEDIATOR _ __ _ Signature of Superintendent or Designee Date of Signature LEVEL 4: ARBITRATION ARBITRATOR AGREED UPON: _ _ _ DATE OF HEARING: APPENDIX F MURRIETA VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT CERTIFICATED COURSE APPROVAL FORM - (MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO TAKING COURSES) EMPLOYEE NAME: SCHOOL SITE: Course Title Begin Date End Date Course # Semester Units Quarter Credit Offered by: (Accredited College or University) Reason for taking course: Effective 7/1/09: • Coursework must be in a subject directly & specifically related to education. A maximum of one column advancement per school year will be recognized for this type of coursework completed. • Coursework taken specifically related to an Advanced Degree or an approved certificate program will be applied without the one column per year restriction. • Courses taken for salary advancement must be completed outside of the regular duty day calendar and without the use of District funds, (*Exceptions). • Courses must be graduate or upper division level, (except for courses required to clear a credential or second language courses), and receive a grade of “C” or better. • Duplication of prior courses taken will not be accepted. • Courses must be completed by September 15th. Transcripts must be received in Human Resources for posting by November 1st. Employee Signature Date APPROVED DISAPPROVED Signature Human Resources Designee Date *Course Exceptions for 2009/10: (These courses require this form to be submitted and will be applicable towards column advancement.) ~ BTSA/SP Training ~ BTSA/SP Service ~ BTSA/PT Participation APPENDIX G‌‌ MURRIETA VALLEY UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT 2015-2018
Statement of Grievance. 2. Section(s) and/or subsection(s) of the contract alleged to have been violated
Statement of Grievance. The Statement of Grievance must be in writing and contain the following:
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Statement of Grievance. 4. Synopsis of facts giving rise to grievance: (Include specific dates, times, etc.)
Statement of Grievance. 7. Remedy requested under this agreement:
Statement of Grievance. 4. State Relief Sought:
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